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   Chapter 151 Fear Of Losing (5)

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How could he be so brazen to question her?

"If you distrust me just because of the information you collected, I have nothing to say."

She had a deep love for Harry in the past and somehow couldn't extricate herself. She couldn't deny this, nor would she deny it.

No matter how that man was corroded, she could not erase the mark she had left.

It was her first love, but finally turned into a misty bubble.

Tut, it was really hypocritical.

"Okay, I trust you once." Said Richie with a smile. He lowered his head and looked into her eyes.

However, much to Consuela's surprise, she knew very well that this man in front of her was a paranoid. This suspicious man turned his face faster than turning a book. He didn't ask anything for no reason.

Richie's remarks made her feel sad and uncertain about her future.

The two people, who always didn't like each other, would never live well.

Then he fell asleep with his wife in his arms. His thick eyelashes covered his attractive eyes.

He put his hand on her waist instinctively again, getting closer to her.

Consuela pursed her lips and looked at the man sleeping soundly. She furrowed her eyebrows as if telling him that she wasn't satisfied with him.

This second, he was as happy as a baby when the baby in her belly kicked her. In the next second, he could turn his face immediately for something unimportant.

She was always keeping in mind his good and bad to her little by little. Maybe she was really like a ruthless cat who could raise her claws to scratch his face when he heartlessly abandoned her.

At the thought of the arrogant Laura and the photo hidden under the dressing table today, Consuela felt more and more headache.

Many things could not just disappear as she wished. For example, the gap between them, and Angie, who would came back in a gorgeous manner from nowhere.

Consuela had been sleeping for a long time, and she was woken up by the nig

t in her dreams, he was a completely opposite party. He had summoned the things that chased her.

In the daytime, she was afraid that the man might fall out with her, so she dreamed of this.

"You little fool." Looking at the fear and confusion on the woman's face, Richie suddenly softened his heart and whispered with a smile.

Raising her eyelids, Consuela didn't want to admit that she was a little fool. "I'd better get some more sleep. I'm a little sleepy."

With that, she turned over and lay down directly without even looking at the man's face. She pulled the quilt to cover herself and closed her eyes, with a hint of relief.

"Don't be afraid. I'll be with you all the time." Said Richie in a sweet voice as he lowered his head and imprinted a very light mark on one of her cheeks.

The scene couldn't bear to look straight.

Consuela didn't respond. Her thick and curly eyelashes trembled like a butterfly with its wings twitching.

He stood up and walked to the bathroom. He got a wet towel and gently wiped her face. "Let me give you a wipe first. You can take a shower when you get up in the morning."

"Thanks." Richie did not feel uncomfortable but felt a little helpless as Consuela only gave him a simple reply with a nasal voice.

He was totally defeated by her.

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