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   Chapter 150 Fear Of Losing (4)

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As soon as his face touched her belly, he felt a slight kick. As the soft face was directly attached to it, he could feel it very clearly.

The man narrowed his eyes and became a little confused. But soon he was overjoyed.

"Consuela, he kicked me!" Suddenly, Richie raised his head and smiled at her, as if he was eager to share something amazing with her.

The pure smile on his face didn't fade away. Consuela couldn't be completely indifferent. "Yes, I think so. Do you want to listen more?"

Then she felt a little embarrassed. She kept looking around, avoiding the eye contact with the man who was looking at her.

Richie chuckled and once again lowered his head to her belly. "Bang, bang, Bang..." The fetus's heartbeat was powerful and fast.

Occasionally, it would kick the woman's belly.

"You are so naughty. You know how to cool down." Said Richie with a smile. The softness in his eyes enchanted Consuela. All of a sudden, she felt her heartbeat quicken as well as the energy in her belly.

Bang! Bang! Bang One after another, the break was short.

"How can you be sure that he is a naughty boy? I think the doctor may have falsely identified that it is a lively girl." She lowered her head to conceal the confusion in her eyes.

She seemed to be more and more fond of probing. And the answer given by Richie could always make her feel relieved.

Richie looked at the woman and said with a smile, "it doesn't matter whether it's a naughty boy or a vivacious girl. As long as it's our child."

His eyes were burning with lust, and his face was as red as a ripe apple. Consuela's heartbeat quickened at the sight of him.

It was true that not only girls were as beautiful as monsters, but also men were too mischievous to resist.

And Laura's words suddenly appeared in her mind, which meant, "people who can't get are always the best."

She was not in a good mood.

When she finally calmed down, the man continued to list

eem to be on the same level with him at all. He wouldn't even fight back, let alone others.

She was so quick to react.

She got closer to him and said in an evasive voice, "I don't think it's a good idea for tonight's night talk. The weather is so bad today."

Had it anything to do with the weather?

Taking two steps backward, he pinched her delicate face and said, "what's wrong? You still miss him?"

She raised her head to stare at the man with burning, reproachful eyes. He seemed to enjoy pinching people's faces so much. Besides, since he had suddenly exploded, she didn't know how to comfort him.

She raised her hand and put it on the man's, blinking, beckoning him to let her go. But the man ignored her moves. "What trick do you want to play?"

Richie was certain that she still missed Harry.

Consuela felt like she was staring at a crazy man who changed his face so fast!

"Didn't you say that I couldn't talk about other men in your bed? And why do you know I have feelings for that man?"

She just had told him not to hit Harry again when they had a fight. She had been afraid that something bad would happen to him at that time.

Or she had seen his name on some headlines not long ago and mentioned it.

Elsewhere, she didn't really say anything more about Harry.

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