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   Chapter 148 Fear Of Losing (2)

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His deep eyes fell on the face of the woman, which was half covered by her hair. His Adam's apple slid up and down uncontrollably, and he loosened his tie.

He lifted his leg and walked to the woman, but when he saw her covered by a blanket with complicated patterns and slightly bulging belly, his eyes suddenly became gentle.

At this moment, the woman was delivering a new life, which was created by the two of them.

He stepped forward quietly and looked down at the woman's white side face. He lowered his eyebrows and kissed her on the face lightly. His long eyelashes swept over her beautiful nose as soon as he touched her.

He took a step back before he could touch her belly and tilted his head slightly.

He couldn't hear her clearly, yet he was unwilling to leave.

He felt remorseful when he thought of the things he did not care about the kid at all.

"I hope you can grow up healthily. Don't blame me, a disobedient father."

The man who had always been superior to others, had never said something like seeking forgiveness. His voice was unusually low for fear of being heard.

He half knelt on one side and said a lot. Most of the words were said to the child when he touched the abdomen. Normally, he would never say something sweet.

"When you grow up..." At the beginning of the conversation, there was a sudden gust of wind. The book on the wooden table next to him was turned over with the rustling sound.

And the woman, who could not help laughing finally, covered her mouth, opened her eyes, and looked down at the surprised black eyes of the man.

She wanted to touch the man's head, but her reason told her that she shouldn't touch a tiger at the moment. She tried to hide her smile and turned her head, "I didn't expect that Mr. Richie would be so gentle. It's really rare."

When Richie hid the shock in his eyes, his face also showed his dissatisfaction. He looked up and stared at the woman, "do you want to see a different me again?"

His voic

stead, he turned on the shower head. When Consuela imagined the feeling of cool water washing over the whole body, her face twisted in pain.

At the same time, she was amused by his behavior. He thought that he had been wrong.

Richie once said to her abdomen in a serious manner in order to get her baby involved with his secret affairs. Thinking of that, Consuela could not help but burst into laughter.

After taking a shower, he went out and saw the smile on the corner of her eyes. He wondered what she was thinking.

"According to the research, if a person's laughing point is constantly reduced, the probability of her Alzheimer's disease will be much higher than that of her peers." Said Richie softly after he handed a glass of water to the woman.

Taking the glass of water from Richie, Consuela raised her eyes, which were still fixed on the man, and asked in confusion, "Isn't it going to be an idiot?"

"What's the difference between you and an idiot?" Richie leaned against the desk and stroked her hair. There was a trace of teasing in his dark eyes.

Consuela didn't know how to respond to him. She raised her glass and took a sip of the water, sighing inside. 'He's really getting more and more ordinary.'

When she was distracted, she felt a flick on her forehead. Immediately, she came to herself.

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