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   Chapter 147 Fear Of Losing (1)

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There were so many unknowns in this marriage that each of them could drag her directly to hell and never got up again.

However, she was unable to change the reality. She could only wait as time went by. Then she became more and more afraid of meeting something.

Consuela raised her head to look at the dark sky. All of a sudden, she looked away, her eyes empty. There was nothing she could do but feel helpless.

She took out her cell phone from her bag, but she still received no reply from that man. She pursed her lips slightly and her face was no longer very good-looking. She stiffly typed a few words.

Then she walked to the parking lot. When the driver, who had been waiting for a long time, saw her, he hurriedly opened the door and waited.

Seeing the woman's gray face from the rearview mirror, the driver could not help but ask, "Mrs. Richie, are we going back to the villa directly?"

He wondered who she had met inside and why she became like this. Should she inform Mr. Richie about this?

While wondering whether he should betray Mrs. Richie or not, the woman in the back seat suddenly raised her eyebrows.

With a smile, Consuela said, "I hope you can shut your mouth. After all, I'm the mistress of the Ye Clan. I have the right to fire a driver."

Sweat broke out on his forehead, and he nodded awkwardly. "Don't worry, Mrs. Richie. I always keep my mouth shut. Absolutely..."

The driver shut up his mouth when he was suddenly glanced at by Consuela. Embarrassed, he kept silent all the way and dared not say one more word.

Now he became more suspicious of what she had gone through in the box.

No matter how she threatened him, he would never forget that who his boss was.

If he found something wrong and didn't report to him, he must lose not only his job to support his family, but also his life.

He caught a glimpse of the woman through the rearview mirror. With a gloomy and pale face, she leaned her head against the window. Her eyes did not blink for a long time, like

d the documents submitted by different departments were casually sorted out by Richie. At last, he completed the last task.

His cellphone had been power off. After a brief twitch on his eyelids, he turned it on and received a message from Consuela.

When he saw the first message, his brows were knitted. He picked up his coat and got up. This message had been sent for a long time. When he was about to walk out of his office, the second message showed that she was okay.

Reading this short message, he felt that his heart was raised high in the chest. He was cured in an instant and returned to his position.

He quickened his pace and drove to the villa, eager and worried.

Consuela wasn't a troublemaker. Sending a message to him meant that she wasn't safe enough.

She had sent him last time like this because she wanted to see Harry. But she didn't tell him who she had met this time.

When he arrived at the villa, he directly parked the car in front of the door and threw the key to the driver who was washing the car. When the driver was in a hurry, he walked into the villa.

He walked into the bedroom and glanced around. Then he saw Consuela lying on the chair that she loved very much. She was so sleepy and looked natural.

There was no wind outside, and her long hair fell to the ground with her inelegant posture.

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