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   Chapter 144 Her Invitation

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6580

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The more Sheryl stared at the man in front of her and thought of that man who was with Consuela, the more furious she felt.

Why was she so lucky to have all the good things in the world?

Well, she would take these things back one by one. For example, the man in front of her, who was drinking the soup she cooked, had also been taken good care of by her sister?

But later, he wanted to be together with her in front of her sister's face. She was so arrogant that she even forgot her mind. She knew that the man just wanted to humiliate Consuela for her nude photos.

But she wouldn't give up. After all she had worshiped the man before. But he was such a playboy.

Hearing the woman's words, Harry was a little surprised, but soon he concealed his thoughts. "No, thank you."

"This is what I should do. It can't be helpful to your work. And let you make a comeback. But I will always be with you." Then she sat down with her back to the man.

No one could see the impatience and ridicule on her face. Harry could only tell that there seemed to be a ripples in his heart because of her words.

He held the thermos bottle with chicken soup in his hand, trembling.

She should be the one who stood beside him except his parents.

Thinking of that he had been a little frustrated with his previous attitude to her. Did he really lose mistake her? He always regarded her as a woman who was eager for quick success and instant profit.

Maybe it was because Consuela had led a comfortable life recently that she had forgotten many hidden enemies, such as Laura, who had slapped her in the face after she had met her for the first time in the hospital.

Suddenly, a stranger was calling her, and after she hung up, that person kept on calling her. It seemed that there was something urgent.

The phone call wasn't marked as something like a scam call or fast food service. Consuela put down the watering can in her hand and picked up the phone, frowning

she was eager to know what on earth Laura was going to do, but that woman seemed to be sure that she would admit defeat, so she didn't call or text to remind.

Consuela walked past a small desk and sat down in a hanging chair. The breeze was blowing hard. Finally, she couldn't help but let out a sigh. All of a sudden, she got up and rushed downstairs.

It was really guessed by Laura. She really cared about Richie's private life, but it was useless to care.

But she still felt upset if she didn't go to see her.

When she got on the car and drove to the place designated by Laura, she suddenly felt a little melancholy. She failed to control her heart.

For her to love and to be crazy.

She stretched out her hands and wanted to count that man's advantages, only to find that her mind was blank. It seemed that he had no advantages at all.

But it was just his usual cold face. He would break the ice for her occasionally, just like the ice that was melted by the sunlight in the early spring without any chill.

When he laughed, he looked like an angel. The glow on his body was gentle, which was quite different from usual, making him look attractive.

Startled, Consuela pinched her own wrist and muttered to herself, "You're just a lecher. Don't you know what a handsome man is like?"

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