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   Chapter 143 Warmth

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For no reason, when the man told her that he would help her, she felt relieved and believed that he would definitely help her father's company.

Even she herself didn't know where her confidence came from.

Perhaps it was because Richie was very friendly to her, or perhaps it was because she felt that their relationship had been closer than before.

After hanging up the phone, Richie turned around and leaned against the woman who put the glass of water in front of her mouth with her eyes glassy and her body stiff. He suddenly burst into laughter.

If the woman didn't blink once in a while, he would have doubted whether she had been locked by something.

"What are you thinking about again? The water almost poured into your nose." He took the glass from the woman's hand, and drank a mouthful of water, not caring about the cold water.

When Consuela recovered, she looked down at her empty hand and shook her head with a smile. Half of her face was hidden in the shadow. No one could see the expression on her face.

"When the child is six months old, I'll go with you to visit my father-in-law." The man put down the cup, sat on the bed, looked at the woman who was still absent-minded, and said casually.


As soon as she finished speaking, she felt like that she had a mental problem.

"Even an ugly daughter-in-law has met her parents in law, but a handsome son-in-law has to meet his father-in-law," said Richie cheerfully, raising his thin lips

And the woman just immersed in some thoughts, suddenly changed the sadness on her face into sincere joy.

Her child could finally have a father fair and square in front of her parents.

Although Johnson and Linda didn't say anything about that, they were more or less sophisticated, so they could learn from her words.

This was the first time that Consuela had led a hard life.

They all hoped that Consuela would be able to take the man back to the Xia Clan. This was not only for the purpose of checking out the man's identity, but also for a reason that they couldn't tell.

Consuela felt something was wrong with her sister. She always wanted to have a friendly meal with h

about him during a meal.

When Harry was experiencing the trouble, she thought that the man who was standing next to Consuela was undoubtedly handsome and admirable. She believed that it must be the man who had planned all this.

He knew exactly who was attacking him, but he could not deal with the trouble, which almost made Harry break down.

"I cooked some chicken soup for you. You work so hard every day. What if you get sick?"

The most pathetic thing was that he didn't get any benefits even if he lost his health.

Under the gaze of the man around her, Sheryl slowly opened the thermos bottle.

She had always been a good girlfriend in front of this man. Occasionally, she would act like a spoiled child, but except for her fierce appearance when she was angry, she had always been indifferent.

"Thank you." Hearing her voice, Harry raised his head and took a look at her. Then he eyed on the chicken soup. The taste of the soup was so strong that it reminded him of his stomach that he hadn't had dinner yet.

With a smile on her face, she said, "It's okay. If you like it, I can cook it for you every day."

After saying that, she handed the chicken soup to the man. Harry took over the soup. He looked at Sheryl for three seconds and then looked away.

He lost everything now, and this woman was still willing to follow him, it should be true love.

The night was dark, just like the smile curved on Sheryl's lips.

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