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   Chapter 142 Dealing With The Rival In Love (10)

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Then he saw the woman not far from him suddenly looked away. The woman's face turned red gradually.

He raised his eyebrows and said nothing more, waiting for the woman to answer the question herself.

Was it because she felt guilty or she was angry that her kindness was misunderstood by him? It was easy to see from the attitude of her speaking that she was being polite.

Consuela took several steps back, not intending to make the man look at her in the eye.

"Do you want to eat it or not?" If she was poisoned, her life would be ended and the Xia Clan wouldn't have a comeback in L City.

She didn't have the courage to poison the dishes.

Sitting on the chair, Richie said to the woman who turned her back to him by coincidence, "Then try the poison for me first."

'Fine, I will. I really want to poison this picky man.'

The woman poured a bowl of rice for herself and turned around to make another bowl for him. Then she ate it without any hesitation as if she hadn't had anything for more than ten years.

He couldn't help shaking his head and sighing. Whenever she was unhappy or too happy, she would become like this.

Sometimes he really doubted whether her parents had mistreated her before, but according to the data, they treated her as a treasure.

Without thinking too much, he picked up his chopsticks and joined her.

He hadn't tasted the dishes cooked by her for a long time, and Consuela had specially made it for him in order to please him. He really liked them.

After dinner, like a king, Richie sat beside the table, watching the woman cleaning up her things. He kept silent, just staring at her with his eyes.

Being stared at by the man, Consuela was really in a sorry plight.

She really wanted to throw the rag to the face coveted by countless women in L City, but her sense controlled the impulse.

Richie watched her wipe the table absently. This woman could really hold back.

If she had something to say, just say it. He would think it ov

ery nervous. Now that the mystery was finally revealed, he couldn't help but feel both funny and annoying.

Fortunately, it was not as serious as he thought.

Did it mean that he had agreed to help her?

Holding the glass of water in her hand, Consuela raised her head excitedly. There was a gleam of hope shining in her eyes, which made her feel very excited.

"You can give me a big smile, you liar!" He pinched her cheek and gave her a weird smile.

He didn't feel sorry for the woman, but she had a strong sense of human kindness for him.

Raising her head, Consuela looked at the man. The man gripped her lips, so she said in a strange voice, "Don't ...forget...soft...mouth, short...hand."

Right after she finished speaking, she felt a sharp pain in her face, which disappeared all of a sudden. Richie patted her face gently and said, "You're so shameless, Consuela. Don't forget what you used to please me. They are all mine."


The corners of Consuela's mouth twitched. She didn't know how to respond. She just forced a smile and took a sip of her water.

The man, who had promised to help, turned around to look for his mobile phone, and then called Tim to ask him to investigate what Xia's Group looked like now.

He only saw the description about Xia's Group when he got Consuela's information.

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