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   Chapter 139 Dealing With The Rival In Love (7)

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Consuela wiped her face with a piece of tissue casually. The corners of her mouth twitched at her words. She didn't want to deny it.

She must be really embarrassed as she did not go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get their divorce certificate

When she was in a trance, Debbie lifted the make-up mirror and laid it down in front of her. "Look at the mirror, young lady," she teased.

She took the mirror from Debbie and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was covered in tears, and her eyes and nose were red.

How sad she was crying.

"Consuela, don't get emotional easily just because of love. It's true that a rich boss like Richie can lead a comfortable life, but you shouldn't get lost for him." With a hand stretching out to count the benefits of the boss, she then continued to turn the topic to comfort the poor girl.

Consuela put down the mirror and shot a glance at the woman as if she was asking her how she knew that.

"I'm really not sad about this." The woman wiped the tears on her face hard with a piece of tissue and explained lightly.

But she suddenly felt so aggrieved. On second thought, she was really hypocritical.

Moreover, how could she really love that man regardless of everything, just because he was with a woman, and cried indiscriminately.

Looking at the woman who was crying like a kid and trying to save her image, Debbie spread her hands helplessly, "OK, OK, I believe you."

Although Consuela didn't raise her head, she could tell from the woman's face that she didn't believe her words. A frown tightened between her eyebrows. When she was about to say something, her phone rang.

Debbie also looked over. The name "Richie" came into her sight. She raised her head and looked at Consuela.

Why did this man call her now? Did he want to be forgiven since he realized his mistake?

Tears welled up in her eyes as she stared at the screen. Just as the phone was about to be turned off, she got up.

"Where are you now?" The m

long and dense eyelashes were fluttering in the wind.

The man wearing sunglasses made a gesture of "please", and stopped moving forward. Instead, he stood at the door of one side, like a perfect stone statue.

Then Consuela slowly walked inside, but before she could get close to the man, the man slowly opened his eyes, turned his head towards the voice source, and waved at the woman who was standing still, saying, "come here."

"How long is it before boarding?" She was really having a hard time dealing with this man.

The man squinted at her and threatened, "say one more word that you want me to leave, and I'll take you with me."

Just then, the message of the mechanical woman began to ring, which was the flight he took.

The woman's voice echoed in the room, which surprised Consuela. She lowered her head, and a smile crept up her lips.

The God was helping him with his own assumption. This was a very effective one.

"Are you happy now? Help me carry my luggage and we can go for a long distance," Richie said in an unhappy tone and threw a briefcase to Consuela.

There was only a few paper files in it, which was not too heavy. But if he had done this, he seemed to be working off his anger. Consuela had no choice but to turn around and catch up with the man whose footsteps had slowed down.

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