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   Chapter 138 Dealing With The Rival In Love (6)

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Debbie spit out the apple core, looked up at his unworldly face, frowned and said, "Now that you know you are shameful, hurry up and leave."

Then she stood up to find the trash can. The man behind her was busy going to open the door. She couldn't wait to throw the fruit core but grasp him back.

"Let go." After taking a glance at Debbie, Baron finally looked at the place where she gripped.

'She must be deliberate. She is going to press me with the apple core. If she were a strong man, I would have an inlaid tattoo in my hand.'

"Thank you very much, sir. You are really handsome and kind, but my friend is in such a bad mood that she even wants to burn all the men in the world to death." Debbie changed her face quickly and loosened her grip.

With a wave of her hand, she threw the fruit core into the trash can by her side. Then she folded her hands together with a pleading expression on her face.

Looking at Debbie with a faint smile, Baron said, "Are you caring about me?"

He picked up a piece of tissue from the drawer and wiped off the juice and the marks which had turned red.

"Yes, you are right. I am just worried about you." Debbie was about to grab him again, but the man stepped back with disgust.

After he nodded his head, Baron walked towards the bathroom. At the moment, Debbie was about to rush in and pull him back.

The bathroom door was closed by the man. She could only see a vague figure through the frosted door.

However, his clean and indifferent voice was very clear. "If you really worry about me, you should let me out to see your friend.

And introduce me to her"

But he heard a sneer from outside the bathroom. "Are you shameless, Baron?"

She had tolerated everything and turned a blind eye to his attempt to invade her life. But did he really forget what he had done before?

The sound of water stopped. The man opened the grinding door and looked down at the woman who was about to fall down due to her close distance. He raised his hand in a hurry to help her up.

The man, however, took

lt the indescribable humiliation. The two had stood on opposite steps from beginning to end.

"Why are you crying? It's just a man. Do you think you should? There are so many men on the street. Why do you cry so hard?" Debbie got up in a hurry to take the tissues, comforting Consuela while at a loss.

She was not good at soothing people and didn't know much about love.

At this moment, looking at the woman who sobbed, she was really worried about her very much. It was hard to imagine that this woman loved the boss so much. Now, the feelings she released were somewhat inexplicable.

"I... Hiccup... Nothing... " Stuttered Consuela as she went on, giving a loud hiccup.

Debbie was amused by her words. She felt exasperated at her foolishness. "If you go on like this, you will soon become the goblins in the Secretary Office in Sruthan Building," she said

They were really fans of the big boss.

She didn't realize that she was involved in this.

Consuela stopped crying and her eyes became as red as a rabbit's. She sighed helplessly, "Perhaps it's because of the pregnant woman's physique. I often feel sad. I always feel like I am abandoned by the whole world."

"You are just like a woman who lost her husband after her child was dead and are driven out of the house and you have no property." She raised her eyebrows and wanted to shake her up.

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