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   Chapter 136 Dealing With The Rival In Love (4)

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Debbie was waiting in front of a shopping mall. She had been waiting for a long time, so she decided to sit alone on the bench and play games on her phone.

As she was playing "eat you" to kill time, the screen displaying the words. At this moment, Consuela arrived.

Seeing that Debbie was so annoyed, Consuela smiled happily. "Your brain is eaten up by zombies. No wonder you always don't have brain. Now I see. You don't have brain."

Debbie quickly pressed the back button, put away her phone and looked at the woman who had a flushed face in front of her. She praised, "Wow, what the moisturizer is that makes you look so good."

Not waiting any response, she squinted her eyes and replied with a smile, "double cultivation method is really good, but you should care more about your child."

They chatted and went to the shopping mall together. All of a sudden, Debbie, who was high in spirits, grabbed the woman's arm when she was about to enter a shop. "Let's go to the gold shop over there and buy a long life lock for the unborn baby."

Debbie pointed to the shop which had just been recommended to them by the manager and asked, "Aren't you going to have a look in it?"

"These are all new spring products. I don't need them at all compared to the ones for my godson," Debbie was a forthright woman, but when Consuela turned her head, she raised her hand to cover her eyes.

Being annoyed, Consuela retorted, "what's the secret? I can't see it now."

Debbie's action made Consuela more curious. Was she intentional?

The lame excuse matched with the embarrassed laughter. Debbie didn't blush and her heart didn't beat fast, "it's no big deal. I'm just afraid that you will fancy my favorite clothes and buy it."

"Fine, I won't watch it. Don't push me. I'm a little dizzy these days." She gave her a reassuring smile.

When did she buy the things that Debbie liked first? The explanation would surely be an excuse.

Hearing this, Debbie was a little relieved. When she was about to take her to the "gold store", the woman suddenly threw off

es. She let out a long sigh.

"I used to think that you were a bold girl who dared to love and hate. But now I start to think that you are like a coward, aren't you?" Debbie said in anger as she poked her young delicate face which was full of anger.

Cowards who flinched would only keep escaping from reality and immersed in endless suspicion.

They would rather maintain a peaceful image than destroy their own peace.

In a daze, Consuela raised her head to look at the woman who was looking at her with expectation. A dash of expectation flashed in her eyes. "I'm a little tired. Let's find a place to have a rest," she said

Sometimes, she felt that fate was a terrible thing.

This shopping mall was not the exclusive brand for clothes, but it just happened to meet. What was worse, he had a young and beautiful girl with him.

When she stressed "hybrid", the girl named Angie came to her mind all of a sudden. She remembered the love of Richie, but she had blue eyes.

It was a shame that the girl had been taken as a substitute by him while his wife would give birth to a baby.

She had been in low spirits ever since she had gotten pregnant. Her face turned pale from fright.

"Don't get angry. Be calm, okay? Think about yourself, and your baby. Don't get pissed off, okay?" Debbie lightly patted the woman's back to comfort her, walking neck by neck.

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