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   Chapter 135 Dealing With The Rival In Love (3)

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Time ticked by slowly. Consuela had just finished eating her noodles. She raised her head and looked at Richie who was staring at her with an evil smile. "Fall in love with me?"

Hearing the ridicule, Richie curved an eye motionlessly, and there was a flicker of dark light in his eyes, "I just want to remind you, don't forget to clean up the table and wash the dishes after you finish eating."

After saying that, he leaned over and wiped her mouth with a napkin. "Sometimes I really doubt that if you have been mistreated every day in the Xia Clan. You are so hungry."

Which implied that she ate things like a hungry ghost.

He withdrew his hand, turned around and walked away unhurriedly. Consuela widened her eyes in anger.

At last, she had to stand up and clean them up.

At night, Richie was working in his study since he finished eating noodles. His dark coat was thrown directly onto the big bed in the master bedroom.

Consuela shook her head and hung the coat up. Then she sat on a deck chair in the balcony, picked up a book and began to teach herself. She put the laptop which played the yoga video on the table.

When she felt sleepy, the book slipped from her hand, but the video was still playing. A long wind came, lifting up the woman's unbound long hair.

Her white pajamas set off her skin, and her long eyelashes cast a shadow over her eyes. She muttered her lips and didn't say anything.

After he finished his work, he went back to his room. He was surprised to see the empty room. He turned around and asked the servant where the woman had been.

The white clothes of that woman suddenly appeared from the corner of his eyes when he turned around. The book fell on the clean floor and formed a triangular rack.

The woman was not covered by any clothes and looked cool. Frowning, Richie walked close to the woman. He was about to say something, but he saw her sleeping comfortably.

He couldn't bear to wake up her from a beautiful dream. He picked up her book and turned off the light. Then he bent down and picked her up to the big bed.

d hysterically.

Consuela stopped in front of the garden and waved at the young girl. She smiled apologetically and replied, "Well, aren't you afraid that you have bought the diaper over time?"

But, it didn't seem it was a day off for her this time. Since last time, could this woman have a day off?

She changed the subject, and as soon as Consuela blurted out her question, the woman on the other side stammered, "Um... Because of my outstanding performance, I took a special holiday. "

With a meaningful smile, Consuela thought, 'what on earth is going on? This is so ridiculous!'.

She still remembered that her man was a cousin of Richie. They should be on good terms.

He was smart enough to both arrange her to work in the Secretary Office and ask her to have a holiday.

"Are you sure you want to go shopping with a pregnant woman instead of accompanying lover during your vacation?"

"You know what, I like women with scent."

After hanging up, Consuela texted the man and went to the destination.

After reading the short message, Consuela was stunned.

In fact, her whereabouts would be reported to him either in the villa or at other places, but he usually didn't care about it.

But now, in order to not feel that she was stalked, she decided to inform him of her whereabouts when she was informed before public, which means she had no privacy at all.

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