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   Chapter 134 Dealing With The Rival In Love (2)

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The elders sitting at the table didn't say anything but smiled happily for the good show. Ronald nodded and announced the start of the dinner.

Consuela lowered her head to eat again, but Richie grabbed her hand under the table, his eyes red. The corners of her mouth twitched, but she didn't say anything.

After dinner, they were left in the house. Richie's room was spacious and clean on the third floor, and the wallpapers were all cold white.

The furniture was poor. A big bed was placed in the middle, and a bookshelf was placed next to the bed. The bookshelf was filled with many titles, including titles and English books.

Consuela raised her head to scrutinize the young man's face carefully before she draw a conclusion. "You are really a genius. Many people would be jealous of you, but it's a pity that your childhood was so dark."

Richie lowered his eyes to look at Consuela, who was examining the trophies. "I just did my efforts when you were having fun," he said coldly.

Consuela curled her lips silently.

At a teenage age, she could only play the piano. She barely passed Grade 8 in the University. Her IQ was average, which was not outstanding.

But in front of the man who had a good family and handsome appearance, but worked harder than her, she was really humble to the dust.

He walked to the wardrobe and began to pack up his bathing clothes.

Before he had lived in the Ye's house with Consuela, sometimes he would stay in there at night. So there was never a shortage of clothes there.

But Consuela didn't.

She looked at the silent man and suddenly reacted. She frowned and asked, "what will I wear today?"

With a slight smile, he took out a white shirt from the wardrobe. With a low-key logo in the bottom, he took the shirt and showed it to the woman walking towards him.

He teased, "You can wear my shirt as your dress. Why are you so worried that you don't have any clothes to wear?"

Looking at the crazy and restless face of the young man, Consuela couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows. Some love stories about young men's lives came to her mind all of a sudden, which made her become more curiou

bowl of noodles. Your noodles are delicious."

With a smile, he carried the young man to the living room and sat down in a chair. "Wait for me here. The dinner will be ready in a minute," he said in a gentle voice.

The woman looked up at the evildoer in front of her and sighed in her heart. She gently raised her lips and warned, "Slow down. The noodles will not be delicious, if they are not cooked thoroughly."

His words broke the warm atmosphere. The corners of his mouth twitched. He just wanted to punch her now.

When the noodles were ready, the man came over and served her two fried golden poached eggs, as well as some beef and lettuce embellishment. The whole dish looked quite delicious.

Swallowed her saliva, Consuela suddenly recalled the scene when she and Richie had the same bowl of noodles last time. She was too anxious and embarrassed at that time.

The man looked down at her with sharp eyes, and he comforted her, "Don't worry. No one will ask you to share."

After wiping his hands, Richie went back to the kitchen with the same bowl of noodles in his hands. They sat at the table and began to eat noodles in a tacit manner.

Soon, he finished his noodles. Then he wiped his mouth clean and he took the newspaper on the table to read. His gesture was like an elegant gesture, and his long eyelashes cast a large shadow over his eyes.

Seeing the woman opposite him eating slowly, he felt relieved.

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