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   Chapter 133 Dealing With The Rival In Love (1)

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On the other hand, everyone who had been heading to the CEO Office all felt at ease, even if there were some tiny mistakes, they would only be named and criticized by the boss.

Compared with his violent rage a few days ago, he was much more approachable now.

Someone bumped into his eyes when he raised his head by accident. It wasn't until he saw a smile hidden under that pair of dark eyes that he realized what had happened.

What good news had happened to the CEO.

The rumor started to spread around Sruthan Building. When Tim heard the rumor, the beloved man gave an ambiguous smile.

But he didn't deny or refute the rumor.

The news went viral and the women in the Secretary Office were heartbroken.

Debbie took the opportunity to send a message to Consuela, asking her what she had done to make the boss happy.

The woman replied smugly with one word: secret.

Debbie wanted to pick up the phone and say something, but she saw Mary from the corner of her eyes. She immediately sat up and looked steadily forward.

In the villa, Consuela was leaning against a yoga teacher, who was hired by Richie to teach yoga. The yoga ball was bouncing down her waist, making her look relaxed.

Why would that man be in a good mood? Maybe because they got along well with each other.

"Take a deep breath." The yoga teacher took a look at her and made an action.

Her body was as soft as a baby's, and she couldn't help but moan. Consuela quickly withdrew her rushing heart and followed the woman.

She wanted to be a good wife and give birth to a healthy baby.

She had just finished a yoga class when Wendy arrived. The yoga teacher was sent away by Emily. Then Consuela went upstairs to take a shower and change her clothes.

When she went downstairs to fetch something, she saw an old woman sitting on the sofa and drinking tea. Stunned, she walked forward and called her mother softly.

"Look at your little face. It seems that you are thinner. You are still on a diet even with a baby in your womb? No, you have to go to Ye's house with me and recuperate." Wendy stood up and started to shout exaggera

th a cute dog with blonde hair in the hall. When he turned around, he was about to greet Consuela, but was stopped by his grandfather.

"Take the dog out and give it a shower. Consuela is pregnant. Don't get infected or infected with something unclean." Wrinkles crept onto his face, time had mercilessly corroded it. He looked aged.

But his voice was as loud as ever, which made the young man helpless. The young man had to agree. "Okay, okay. I'll leave with my dogs. Have a good time."

Consuela's face twitched in embarrassment. She forced a smile.

Before Richie came to the Ye's house, Consuela had been through a very awkward period. His grandfather liked playing chess. She wanted to sleep, while Wendy was listening to a melody while making tea.

Occasionally there was a conversation between the three people, and she appeared to be too restrained to let go.

Richie took off his suit and handed it to the servant beside him. It was time for dinner. He stretched out his long legs and walked to the table.

He greeted everyone around the table. Then he sat next to Consuela like last time and touched her nose lovingly as if they were intimate. "How are you feeling today?"

As long as the cheeky guy was with her, Consuela didn't get angry. She could ignore all the other people's teasing gaze.

She smiled softly and raised her hand to smooth the wrinkles on the collar of his shirt. "Fine."

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