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   Chapter 129 The Transfer Period (4)

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But he didn't know since when he would suddenly cry because of this woman, or when she was bullied by others, his heart would be full of sadness.

It was inconceivable for him to have such an emotion. He had hidden his true feeling bit by bit and even if he was found by others, he would try his best to get away with it with all kinds of excuses.

He had a typical arrogant character.

All in all, he really didn't use the girl as a tool for delivery. The people in Ye's house were just hoping that the two could get along well with each other, and they took a fancy to the girl who had broken through their expectation.

Upon hearing his righteous words, Consuela curled her lips and snorted, "Every time, no matter what happens to me, all your eyes or questions are on the child as soon as you open your mouth."

This made her not doubt and feel bad.

She had lived in the Xia Clan for twenty years and had been loved by her parents. Her sister was also very kind to her. But ever since she met this man, she seemed very unhappy.

The child was the most important things for them.

Upon hearing her, he suddenly turned to the woman beside him and asked, "what the hell is going on in your head?"

They must be thinking about and worrying about her and her baby.

When he brought her to the emergency room due to his bad temper, his mother's face suddenly turned as dark as the sky now with a little star in the darkness.

In words, it was probably shiny black.

"I am thinking about a mess? You've been told, you want to cover it up." Said Consuela calmly as she turned to look at the man.

There was still light flashing in her eyes. It was hard to tell whether she was sad or relieved. Anyway, it was not a good sign.

"Consuela, tell me about it. Where and when did I reveal to you that I only liked children and regarded you as a tool of childbearing?"

With a threatening smile, Richie's eyes were filled with sadness, "I won't

eally meant what he said.

Her cold face softened a little. Her eyelashes trembled slightly. She clenched her fists tightly but could not say anything more. She should take advantage of this moment to find herself some benefits.

Although his words were like bullshit, after all those promises, she still wanted to get some comfort from him.

Now that Consuela had become a fearless woman, she wasn't able to protect herself anymore.

"I don't really believe what you said. I think you should give me some time to accept it, instead of pushing me like now." Consuela said as she poked Richie's chest. Her voice was gentle, with a touch of human interest.

Richie released her and made a move to give her some time. Then he put his hand on her head and patted it. "Time is not a problem, but you must guarantee that you will take back your thoughts."

The feeling of being taught made Consuela feel cold, but she could only nodded and smiled.

He wouldn't change his mind overnight because of her words.

Just like the soldiers who walked in the castle day after day, he had deeply believed that he should guard the country instead of betraying it.

"First of all, you need to stop thinking like that. Don't ever think that you're a tool. Don't make yourself upset. Don't trouble yourself."

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