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   Chapter 126 The Transfer Period (1)

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Consuela was relieved. This was the right way to open the door for the man during the cold war. She looked up at the topless man, her eyes shining slightly.

"I think..."

Richie deliberately against her. Before she could finish her sentence, he interrupted, "You think you can do everything, but why do you have so many thoughts?"

Consuela, who was sitting on the bed, stared at this childish and terrible man and took a deep breath. "I had thought about it for a long time today when I went out. I don't think it's a good way to solve the problem now."

Richie raised his eyebrows and seemed to be interested. He walked to the sofa and sat down, pretending that he was listening carefully.

She thought about it for a long time. She just went out to have fun and still knew to come back.

When he looked down, no one could see his scornful expression on his delicate face.

"I know your family has always regarded me as..."She swallowed and said, "a production tool."

The woman said with a hypocritical smile on her face.

Richie raised his head and looked at her, his lips repressed into a thin line. Was this how she denied herself?

"In fact, I think that I have only the function of giving birth to children for your Ye Clan, so I want to discuss it with you now."

Consuela raised her head to look at the man who was sitting on the sofa. His face was emotionless as ever. As soon as she saw the man's sour face, her nose twitched.

"After I give birth to the baby, we will break up all relations."

She just wanted to run away from this place.

With his legs crossed and raised a slender leg, he asked coldly, "Are you really willing to part from your own baby?"

His dark eyes were staring at her coldly. He didn't exert any pressure on her, but his eyes were also flickering.

Pursing her lips, Consuela said helplessly, "If I wanted to leave, I wouldn't have brought the child with me. I know your Ye Clan don't want to let the child be living outside in a wi

bout it, the more disgusted she felt.

Richie looked at the woman with dissatisfaction. He kissed her cheek with a smile. "You are such a coward. If you leave me in the future, you will be bullied one day."


Consuela didn't respond. Wasn't he bullying her now? It would not much different from what he said in his mouth.

"Ha ha, you are right. I must be blessed by God in my previous life that I can only be bullied by you alone." The woman said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

'A shameless person! How could he be so shameless?' she thought that the man should walk away, or sneer and walk away.

However, much to her surprise, he tightened his grip on her waist. "The more you're upset, the happier I will be. You're so considerate. You know I'm in a bad mood, so you always coax me."

He buried his head in the shoulder of Consuela, head to the side and breath sprayed on her neck, making her itchy and indescribable.

However, when she was about to push him away, she felt his smooth chest. Instantly, she withdrew her hand immediately, as if she had just touched a fiery iron sheet.

Her face was changing from black to white. And it was difficult to stop for a while.

She had thought that this man was shameless, but she really didn't expect that the previous moves were just some small tricks.

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