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   Chapter 125 Although She Was Very Angry, She Had To Smile (3)

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But she didn't expect that when she took up a microphone and was about to sit in front of the ordering platform, the long leg man next to her had sat down impolitely.

The second time she smelt the perfume she was so familiar with, she had an impulse to run away, though the man had helped her avoid the conversation with Adriana not long ago.

When she was about to turn around, she heard the man's attractive voice over her eardrum. "What song do you want to sing? We can order some together. "

He was such an easy-going man. It would not be nice of her to refuse him again.

Out of options, Consuela had to thank the man for his help, and then she told a few songs she could sing, and after the man smiled back at her, she immediately went back to her seat.

Her phone was out of power and had been turned off, but the woman sitting next to her was browsing the Twitter without mercy and laughing from time to time.

There was still a faint smell of nicotine on her body. She hadn't been out for a long time. She must have only smoked a cigarette.

Listening to the pleasant music, Consuela sensed the unusual noises coming from the LED screen. She focused her eyes on the screen to find out that she was the one who started the song.

No matter what kind of songs she was singing, she would always have a little bit of out of tune. She picked up the microphone and concentrated on the music. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the music. At last, she simply hummed.

Just then, a clean, attractive male voice started to sing with her, just the climax of the song.

Consuela suddenly opened her eyes and stared at the man who was sitting in front of the ordering platform. He didn't look back. He kept focusing on the scrolling long subtitles.

His back was straight and thin.

Suddenly, Consuela stopped singing. The man didn't say anything but continued to sing. He had finished most of the songs that she wanted to sing.

If Adriana was here, she would be infuriated.

Maybe the woman had expected that. She claimed that she was tired and asked Terence to take them to each of the places for fun.

After the activ

sat up and went to the bathroom to take a shower considering her pregnancy. When she looked for clothes in the wardrobe, she suddenly felt a little depressed.

When Richie came back, there was a clear smell of wine. She didn't know how much he had drunk, but she could smell the alcohol on his face. His face, which had never changed before, had been dyed with rouge.

But he knew very well that he was in a cold war with Consuela. Looking at the woman who was watching TV dramas on the bedside, he sneered and went into the bathroom.

After the man closed the bathroom door, Consuela withdrew her sight from the TV and looked up at the ceiling. She furrowed her eyebrows, wriggled her lips, unable to say a word.

When the man came out of the bathroom, he was only wearing a bathrobe and walking up and down as if he was deliberately dressed in such a harsh way.

Now in the quiet room, Consuela didn't have the mood to watch anymore. She switched off the TV and spoke loudly.

She raised her hand and closed the soap opera. She looked at the man standing not far away seriously and said, "Richie, I have something to talk with you."

The man looked at her a few times unconcernedly. His contemptuous sight was as cold as the AK 47 spears, and a few bullets suddenly shot out to the woman's heart.

"What are you going to talk with me? What qualifications do you have to talk to me? "

His tone was full of anger.

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