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   Chapter 124 Angry As She Was, She Had To Smile (2)

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As soon as she finished speaking, she looked up and drank the wine in the glass in one gulp. The bride makeup on her face made her face look even more exquisite.

But the man beside her had been indifferent, and his eyes were empty. There was no trace of light in his brown pupils.

It was like a doll whose soul had been taken away, with a pair of dull eyes.

As if she had been oblivious of him, Adriana kept toasting to the guests. It made people feel sad. Even the bridesmaid could only watch her fight alone.

Her eyes gleamed with hope, like her last hope, which was directly shattered by the bridegroom's indifference.

She turned around to toast. When she saw Consuela stand up with a glass of drink, the anger on her face instantly appeared, as if she had been buried alive.

Raising the glass, Consuela smiled awkwardly and said, "For some special reasons, today I have to replace wine with this drink. Congratulations!"

What made her even more embarrassed was that Adriana didn't appreciate it at all. On the contrary, she was kind of making trouble for her. "You're also a straightforward person, Consuela. Today might be the only big day in my life. Are you ready to go through it like this?"

She stared at the orange juice in Consuela's hand with a contemptuous smile.

She just wanted to find faults with Consuela.

Raising the glass, Consuela was stunned and didn't know how to reply to her. A lot of people were watching them. The cameramen had taken many photos of them to capture this moment.

The woman had no choice but to smile, "I'll drink with you next time."

She was thinking about making a fuss about this matter when the man standing next to her coughed and stopped her. He looked at Consuela, half smiling.

Then he stepped towards the people next to her and began to toast, completely ignoring them for a moment.

Consuela put down her raising hand and raised her head to look at the man, who was wearing a bridegroom's suit. She wanted to thank him, but he ignored her again.

of high heel shoes.

So even if she didn't lowered her head, Stacy still couldn't see the expression on her face.

"Well, I just trust you this time." With a resigned smile, she waved her hand and made a compromise.

If she believed what Consuela said, she would be a fool.

They two had absolutely met. And there was still a long conversation, and it was not successful. So Terence had to give up.

The wedding ceremony was more than just a simple party, including singing, dancing and other activities.

Even the treat that Terence promised during the class reunion was performed at this time.

Consuela didn't tell anyone in the villa of her activities today, and her current relationship with that man was not compatible.

However, she could not help but feel worried. She was afraid that she would be treated badly if she went back.

It turned out that she had never expected anything good for herself.

Resting her forehead on one hand, Consuela stared at the crazy dancing people in the box, feeling more uncomfortable than just now.

Stepping out of the box, Stacy was smoking. When she came back, she noticed that the girl huddled in the corner and felt bored, she suggested, "How about singing a song?"

At the right time, no one came to the singing platform. After a little hesitation, Consuela got up and walked over.

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