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   Chapter 123 Although You Are Angry, You Have To Smile (I)

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After a short pause in the dark space, the woman who was still sitting on the sofa suddenly stood up.

She would have forgotten why she came here if she hadn't felt a sense of oppression coming from her bladder.

She quickly found the direction of the door and rushed to the restroom next door. At this moment, she was complaining about Terence.

After solving the physiological need, she walked through the winding corridor to the hall of the wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony could be held as scheduled since the bridegroom had been found. But the relationship between the two was becoming worse.

And the image of Terence in her eyes was completely explained to the abnormal emotions.

He grabbed her just to ask her some meaningless questions. She found it unbelievable and confused.

As soon as she returned to her seat, Stacy pretended to be nervous and asked, "Why did it take you so long to go to the washroom? People who don't know you might think that you are working hard inside."

With an obvious smile and a hint of banter on her face, she held a pair of chopsticks and knocked gently at the bowl under the blue and white porcelain, a little confused in her eyes.

Consuela shook her head. She didn't want to tell her more details. "I just answered a phone call," she answered honestly.

Knowing that she had a boyfriend, Stacy didn't ask any more questions. She just intentionally or unintentionally revealed to her, "A while ago, Terence was found in the room next to the restroom. Did you hear anything?"

In fact, she just wanted to know whether Consuela had seen Terence or not.

When she was a student and was a pregnant woman now, she thought that Terence was really good to Consuela.

Once on a spring trip of the entire class, it rained heavily. She went to a nearby place with Terence to borrow some raincoats. But they still lacked one.

The man told the woman to distribute all the raincoats to the classmates. Then he found Consuela, who was hiding somewhere and handed the raincoat to her.

However, Adriana stood behind them with tears in her eyes.

"Really? Maybe

wanted, but she couldn't do that.

As a result, although the wedding seemed to be peaceful on the surface, it was going on fiercely inside.

Selina rested her head on the two newly wed seats and couldn't help exclaiming, "They are really good at acting!"

"Hush down. They are coming." Consuela said in a low voice, tugging at the corner of the woman's clothes.

To be honest, no one would think the bride, such a woman who cared much about dignity, would forgive him calmly if he tried to escape.

Not to mention at such a critical moment.

Raising her head to drink the beverage, Consuela shook her head in disbelief.

Terence's lonely and low figure popped up in her mind. She knew he must be very unhappy about it.

It used to be a smiling tiger confronting people, but now it couldn't go on like this anymore.

When she was lost in her own thoughts, the new couple walked towards her with a smile. Terence was holding a tray. And Adriana was holding a glass of wine, and they were drinking with the guests with a little pride.

"Congratulations! Wish you have a child as early as possible!"

"He is so awesome. Congratulations!"


The guests at the table began to cheer and wish them happiness. The same kind of wishes made Adriana depressed.

Despite her unpleasant look, the woman said with a smile, "thank you for attending my wedding. I'll accept your blessings one by one."

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