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   Chapter 122 Are You Willing To Elope With Me (3)

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Following the signs, Consuela quickened her pace to the restroom. She wondered what would happen. That was the thing that Adriana should worry about.

She was just an onlooker. Hearing their story, she felt sorry for them.

Terence had been so nice to Adriana before, as if spoiled her. But now, things had changed.

Consuela shook her head and sighed. As she was about to enter the restroom, a hand reached out and covered her mouth, making her scream swallow into her stomachache

She turned around and was dragged into a room. Behind her was a warm body, and the steady breath upset her eardrum.

The woman widened her eyes in shock. She could even hear the footsteps of the people in the corridor. But her hands and feet were controlled by someone, and she was unable to move at all.

She could feel their ambiguous movements without even taking a look at them. But she looked extremely pale and was completely terrified.

She wondered who would kidnap her. Since she was just a pregnant woman, she had no money and power. Was he the enemy of Richie?

At the thought of this, there was more sweat on her forehead. She was absolutely afraid that she wouldn't be able to see the sun tomorrow because the asshole was so ruthless and resolute.

Shock appeared in the woman's eyes. She was not a bold woman, so she couldn't stay calm in such a situation. "Um... HMM... "

When she pushed the man away with strength, the man behind her seemed to laugh, muffled laughter, and his chest against her back was shaking slightly.

He was a strong man with a strong perfume smell, making people feel salty as the sea breeze.

He said in a helpless voice, "Consuela, just stay where you are. I will let you go if you don't make any sound."

Consuela didn't hear any noises from the people in the corridor. She knew that he was afraid of someone outside searching for him.

She took a deep breath in the bottom of her heart, cooperated with


It was also an invisible but heavy pressure for the woman he loved.

He didn't say anything to her for a long time, and he did not come over either. He was standing there in a daze, as if thinking of the practicability.

Consuela realized that her words might have hurt him a little, so she wanted to make it up. "It's just my thought. The one you like might be willing to accept it."

But what responded her was that the man suddenly tripped over something. The sound of porcelain colliding with the floor was too loud, and the door was opened from outside.

In less than a minute, the man was taken away by the security guards who were searching for him everywhere. In the dim light of the corridor, she could see the man who was wearing the formal groom's clothes.

He was so handsome that she pursed her lips and didn't know what to say.

In fact, she had a hunch that the man must have done something deliberately to get himself arrested.

In this way, since those people were happy to find him, they would not search this room again and found out whether he had any accomplices.

The position he stood when he left, was also a good place to block the sight of others who looked at her. It was really hard for her not to doubt it.

Besides, he was really good at fighting.

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