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   Chapter 121 Are You Willing To Elope With Me (2)

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When Consuela woke up again, there were no man in the room. She stood up numbly.

She didn't care where he lived and it had nothing to do with her.

Their marriage was just like a thin piece of paper and the ties of children. It was strange that people like him really cared about it.

After some self-mockery, she went downstairs after finishing washing face. As usual, she was about to repeat the tedious exercise she had experienced every day. Then the phone rang.

With joy in her voice, Selina answered over the phone, "have you got everything ready? Let's have a good time. I heard that the hotel they booked is the most expensive one in L City."

Consuela was stunned by her words. After a few seconds, she was about to ask the question again, but then it dawned on her that today was Adriana and Terence's wedding's day.

She was supported by the wooden handrail. It took her a while to react. She hadn't prepared anything yet.

If Selina hadn't reminded her, she would have forgotten that.

But she replied calmly, "Yes. I'm ready. Tell me the place first. We can go there together later."

After the person on the other side of the phone answered and said a feasible place, Consuela hung up the phone. She went upstairs and searched a formal dress in the wardrobe.

Since she was pregnant, she dared not apply any makeup on her face. So she just applied lip gloss on her lips and her face was a little pale. Perhaps she was too angry.

She heaved a deep sigh. But it didn't matter. She had a bad relationship with Adriana. If she dressed up like this, she might make the bride happy.

After changing her clothes, she left the oppressive room. It was still in a mess, but she was not willing to clean it up. She furrowed her eyebrows and finally closed the door.

The place Selina made an appointment with her was a hair salon. As soon as she entered, she saw some familiar faces and the monitor she had met not long ago.

After being taken care of enthusiastically, she sat by and played with her mobile phone. Her hair was chestnut colored and didn't need to be dyed any more. Ther

e table of their old classmates, they started to talk about it and brag about it.

The class monitor, who had just gone to the washroom, raised her eyebrows and whispered in Consuela's ear, "We've heard that the bridegroom is missing. The bride tore her wedding dress. Now there is a mess in the backstage."

Consuela felt like it was a little dramatic. Before she could say anything, Selina approached and asked. The monitor hadn't tried to hide the truth, and the news was exploded immediately.

Some of them were gloating, some really worried, some noisy at the table. As a result, the hall was filled with noise.

Feeling bored, the class monitor, Stacy, sat down next to Consuela. She opened the handcuff for her and smiled knowingly. "If you were the fleeing groom, where would you be now?"

Consuela had just drunk two glasses of water, and her bladder was a little full. Upon hearing the question, she grinned and said, "Find something that can make him leave the two clans behind."

Then she stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

She saw a few security guards searching the area with a panic look on their faces. They were all sweating.

"If we can't find him, we must go home and eat our own food."

"Don't be discouraged. Enlarge your eyes. Don't let go of anything."

Consuela was shocked. 'Did he really run away? But, what was it worth for him to be so bold to do that?'

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