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   Chapter 118 A Cold War (2)

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Updated: 2020-01-15 00:22

The cold war between Consuela and Richie lasted for a long time. And it continued for the rest of the time. As long as they stayed in the same room, the two of them seemed to be releasing low pressure just for the game.

Those who didn't know the truth would think that they had dug each other's graves so they tortured each other so desperately.

But if they knew the truth they could do nothing but shake head and sigh.

However, the onlookers didn't see anything wrong of them.

Of course, it just seemed.

And in this cold air, the first person to surrender was Richie.

"What are you doing? !"

Consuela was deadly pressed in the clothes pile on the big bed that could not be touched. Her face was strained for a long time, and there were cracks all over it.

She tried her best to control her body trembling. Her eyes were full of panic when she looked at the man who suddenly appeared unexpectedly in front of her. Her hands curled up in front of her chest, and subconsciously struggled with her hands holding the hem of her clothes.

He grabbed her waist and pressed her against him to stop her struggling with one hand. Then he pinched her delicate chin with the other. As if ice and frost covered his whole body. He said in a cold voice, "what are you doing? Well, I should ask you! "

"I just want to pack my clothes..." She gently moved her hand and head, but in return, but as a result she was tightened more intensely.

Knowing that Richie wouldn't let go of her, she frowned and shifted her gaze away from him. Not wanting to see his long face, she explained in a low voice.

However, the insincere explanation and her purposeful little moves made the man's anger increase. He g

the edge of the bed because of the bumps of the two people, wrapped her body in a wisp, and did not look at the man sitting on the head of the bed smoking a cigar, then walked into the bathroom slowly and difficultly with the dim yellow bedside lamp.


The wooden door was opened and closed, separating the two people who were just physically close.

The patter of water slowly sounded up, but there was no shadow on the frosted glass.

Taking out the cigar in his mouth, Richie's face, which had been slightly relieved by the previous events, became dark again.

Thanks to the bad sound insulation effect of the bathroom, otherwise, he would never know that she hated his touch to such an extent!

He stared at the bathroom door as if it was his enemy. In the silence of the bedroom, his heart tightly tangled into a group because of the depression and slightly twitching cry coming out from the bathroom from time to time.

He didn't know why Consuela had become so angry with him. He didn't know why all of a sudden it was like this. He only knew that he didn't want to hear or see the woman crying in the bathroom!

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