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   Chapter 115 All For The Child (5)

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After watching the woman walk into the villa completely, Cassie took a long sigh helplessly, and the original meaning was diluted by the soft songs in the car.

She suddenly raised her hand and changed into a lyric song, making herself feel very sentimental.

After Consuela returned to the villa, Emily packed all the things she bought. After Consuela thanked her, she went upstairs. She stayed in her bedroom, but now it was changed into a guest room.

Then she went back to the bedside and sat on the bed. As soon as she took out her mobile phone and surfed the Internet, she got so many messages in her QQ.

She had packed up all the messages.

With doubts, she clicked it open, only to find that the high school roommate discussion group, which had always been quiet, was talking about something that happened in the group. Her eyebrows were raised up at once. It was obvious that she didn't understand what the big thing was that was worth such a crazy discussion.

There was no money in the open air, and no handsome man could be bought. Therefore, why did these women who loved money and beauty become irritable?

She sent an expression of confusion instead of checking the record.

Suddenly, the head of the dormitory building began to tell Consuela something big secret. She said nervously, "Don't let the ninth one know about this matter, Consuela."

Since eight students were in their high school dormitory, only eight in their discussing group.

Maybe it was the tone that made her feel a little amused, and in a moment her mood was much better. Her fingertips sliding on the screen, she made a few words "keep it a secret".

However, the others in their dormitory began to disclose the secrets, probably about the topic of their soon to get married classmates.

The marriage between Adriana and Terence had been put ahead again. Their marriage was settled down on Wednesday. Checking the calendar, Consuela suddenly realized that it was Monday today.

All of a sudden, it would be known without guessing that the noisy woman in Starbucks should be the bride, Adriana.

The dorm head said, "Consuela, do you kno

ie needs a female companion to attend this kind of banquet. Now you're pregnant with a child, and Mr. Richie doesn't dare to let you take a risk."

Even if she was not pregnant, the man would never be able to bring her to any activities. This was not a convincing explanation at all.

There was no need to embarrass this person, she said understandably, "I know, everything he does has a reason. It won't destroy our relationship."

Her answer sounded like that she was telling the truth. Those who didn't know really thought the relationship between them was very good. For example, Emily was such a person who didn't know the truth.

"It's very kind of you to think so, Mrs. Richie," she continued with a gratified smile.

Looking at the figure of the woman turning around and leaving, Consuela thought it was strange. If she didn't think so, would she still feel unhappy and confused?

She took a bowl of grapes from the tea table in front of her and looked at the TV. The screen was showing the man's perfect side face.

And the woman with a sharp face next to him also followed in the screen. Maybe it was because the live broadcast could not be cut, so during the whole shooting process, Richie showed a graceful manner.

His face was radiating an aura of arrogance. Consuela could feel across the screen. As his female companion, the woman, with a gentle and thoughtful smile, had the anger to cut him off.

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