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   Chapter 114 All For The Child (4)

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"Everything between us is due to a misunderstanding..."

Consuela said indifferently, her black and white eyes rolling. An obscure smile curled up the corners of her mouth.

"You didn't do it on your own. You've been unhappy?" Cassie turned to look at the woman and asked in an uncomfortable voice.

The woman fell silent, her eyes falling on somewhere, motionless. The tear stains still looked extremely pitiful, as if she had been bullied for no reason.

The sight of this woman's pitiful face darkened Cassie's heart. She used to stand in that man's position before, and even when he was sick, she accused her of doing something wrong. Now it seemed she was a wise woman who would protect herself from danger. So she would never do anything against him.

She was not stupid. Sometimes she was also extremely rational. But she was forced to be like this because she had no ability.

"That bastard, he not only looks good at attracting women, but also an unworthy bastard." Cassie spat and stared at Consuela. She couldn't believe what she saw when she thought of Richie's abstinent face.

Startled by her angry voice, Consuela slightly frowned and pulled back Cassie who was about to go out to argue with the man. Her voice was still trembling, "Don't be impulsive. Let's have a talk first."

"In fact, it's not bad like what you think. It's just a deal."

"A deal is equal to each other or both can make profits. Then what can you get?"

In the face of Cassie's aggressiveness, Consuela couldn't answer a word. She could only get the child, no, not sure.

The woman was a little helpless. With tears on her face, she didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. Generally speaking, she should have received a lot of comfort?

Why did she tell her not to do something impulsive at this time?

Cassie shook off her hands and strode forward. She took off her clothes and said, "I won't let him off easily today. It's not what a man should do in a shotgun marriage!"

She really took Consuela as her frie

ng this kind of stimulating stuff to keep me awake."

She didn't know when a familiar female voice rang in the Starbucks, sharp and heart wrenching, "do you have a heart? I don't care if you can forget that bitch. I just hope that you can restrain yourself. Can't you do it?"

After a long series of words, she seemed to be somewhat hypoxic. She calmed down for a while and then continued with an angry voice, "we are going to get married soon. Are you going to piss me off?"

But no one answered her, which made the people who listened to her feel a little embarrassed.

The woman's squeal came from a seat behind her. When Consuela turned her head, she could only see the woman's sky blue clothes.

If she remembered correctly, this familiar voice should belong to Adriana, and she and Terence were about to get married.

The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to know who they were.

Cassie was also attracted by the voice, but she felt strange when she saw the woman frown deeply. "Do you know someone over there?"

"Maybe," Consuela nodded. She said uncertainly.

After all, she didn't see the person's face clearly, and when they left, she still couldn't see the person's figure clearly.

After a while in the Starbucks, it was almost afternoon when the sun went dim. Cassie drove Consuela back to the villa.

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