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   Chapter 113 All For The Sake Of The Child (3)

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"Don't bear it. If you are uncomfortable, tell the woman in front of you. Although she doesn't look reliable, after all, she also has some high professional titles." said Richie warily.

The baby was bearing the expectation of many people in the Ye Clan. If anything happened to it, he would be criticized to death, and at the same time, he was also worried about the woman.

Because of her position, Consuela could not see the worries of the man's eyes. She could only hear him say a lot about his baby.

Since he valued the child so much, he should spend money like setting up a scientific research department, and let people study it carefully.

"Don't worry. I won't be too hard on the baby. I will let her know if I'm not feeling well." Consuela smiled and comforted him, but there was no luster in her eyes.

Cassie took care of her wrist and tied a white gauze to the woman. When she raised her head, she was surprised to see the sadness in the woman's eyes.

They had shown off their affection in public not long ago. What on earth had happened between them? Consuela was really sad now?

On the contrary, the man sitting next to her was still indifferent, without the slightest change in his expression. He was really a heartless guy.

Richie turned his head to gaze at the woman. He curled his lips and said, "Examine her carefully. I don't want to see any accident happen because of your wrong judgment. You should know what the baby means to us. You should be obedient."

The last words were to comfort her, but she felt uncomfortable.

"Got it," she replied calmly.

Cassie looked over the two people. She was an onlooker who didn't know the truth. Besides, she speculated that Richie, one of the involved people, also didn't know what was happening now.

Cassie was eager to know why Consuela was in such a bad mood. Under the name of inspection, Cassie took the woman to the operating room an

oman in front of her raised her hand to interrupt her.

"If you want to make up a story for me, then save your energy. I don't want you to be upset." Cassie put away her usual playful smile and looked very serious.

Consuela didn't know what else she could say to retort her.

"You saw it. When I told him my belly was uncomfortable, he was worried to death. I always thought, if during the labour, if..."

If she had a difficult labour, would that man be reluctant to leave her and choose neither of them to hurt?

Pursing her trembling lips, she went on talking. Her words reached the climax, and tears streamed down her cheeks.

Although she felt sorry for her, she still did not tell her the truth.

Looking at the heartbroken and vexed woman, Cassie pressed her throbbing temples and grinned, "I won't say anything else today. If you really treat me as your friend, just talk to me. Don't try to hide anything."

Although she had tried her best to hide her grievances, the one who heard her also felt annoyed.

Consuela had just stopped crying and burped. She curled her lips and blurted out what had been buried in her heart.

"There is actually no love between us. All the showing is for the sake of the baby in my belly. We don't have any feelings at all."

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