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   Chapter 112 All For The Sake Of The Child (2)

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When she was about to be in a better mood, the man beside her suddenly said, "walk carefully, don't fall the child."

His words destroyed all her fantasies. By the way, no matter how good he was now, the only reason was the baby in her belly.

Consuela drew her hand back from his and looked into the man's confused eyes. She smiled and responded, "I can walk on my own."

The man looked at her and said nothing more. Then he took back his empty hand, put it in his trousers pocket and looked straight ahead.

He slowed down his pace, waiting for Consuela to catch up with him no matter how depressed she was.

Although Consuela understood what he was going to do, she pretended not to see it and kept walking behind him, as if there was a huge gap between them.

As soon as they entered the hall of HR Hospital, the warm air blew in. The woman in white coat with a smile on her face was especially eye-catching in the gloomy crowd.

The corners of Consuela's mouth twitched. She shook her head secretly as she watched Cassie cheerily trotting towards them. Although she had a pretty smile, this was the hospital. Wasn't she afraid of being beaten?

However, the woman didn't have the idea of danger. She gave Consuela a hug and led them to the VIP passage.

"I will be a godmother in a few months." she sighed as she walked

All of a sudden, a dash of fury face flashed through her mind. She thought of Debbie's face which she hadn't seen for a long time. She said to her, "When you ask the nanny to take care of the baby, you must recommend me. I'll learn how to change the diaper and feed the baby now."

She couldn't help but feel better.

As a matter of fact, for Consuela, Cassie was on Richie's side anyhow, so she couldn't get acquainted with her. Although there was a feeling that they regretted they didn't meet sooner.

No matter how nice Cassie was to her, she was afraid that she would be betrayed by her because of the relationship of Richie and her.

Sometimes, Consuela could be so rational

and walked in. Her voice was filled with jealousy. "Tut tut tut, is this an expression of affection?"

"Come here and take a good check on her. Don't ask her anything unnecessary." The man put away his expression, looked back and glanced at the woman indifferently. With his legs crossed gracefully, he looked like a completely different person all of a sudden.

Cassie laughed, took the medicine box over, examined her wrist, and started to skillfully handle it.

Ignoring his words, Cassie said to her, "I feel sorry for you, Consuela. You have such a man who can change his facial expressions faster than turning a book."

Obviously, Cassie just wanted to make fun of her. But Consuela pulled the corners of her mouth stiffly, showing a shadow of a smile. The amusing smile on her face made Cassie feel a bit worried.

Cassie stopped immediately, "what's wrong? Did I hurt you?"

"No. I just feel a little uncomfortable in my belly. Please go ahead." Consuela shook her head in response. Only then did she know that, for pregnant women, all lies could be pulled on their bellies.

Cassie examined her with suspicion for two seconds. She could only shake her head. If she didn't want to tell her, she didn't dare to force her with a scalpel.

The man sitting not far away must teach her a good lesson if she dared to do such a thing.

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