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   Chapter 110 Do You Want To Abort My baby(3)

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"You have no idea what kind of bitch she is... !"

Before he could finish his words, he was kicked by Richie several more times. He raised his leg and directly kicked that man. His face was calm and somewhat cold.

Even Consuela, who was watching beside them, couldn't help but shout, "stop it!"

She thought that he would cause trouble sooner or later if he beat him like this.

Richie didn't reply, but stopped obediently.

Before Harry could react, he was clapped on the face by Richie. Smiling on his face, and darkness flashed in his eyes, which made people scared.

"If you like to stay on the headlines forever, then keep your mouth bad." He bent his lips and loosened his collar, but didn't make any reaction as he saw Harry fall to the ground.

Putting his hands on his injured belly, Harry gritted his teeth and raised his head, asking, "Who the hell are you?"

No one answered him. Richie pulled his sleeve, snorted coldly and walked outside.

However, a happy smile crept over Sheryl's face. As a matter of fact, she regarded Richie as the perfect husband in the world.

His evil smile and his heroic spirit made her heart skip a beat.

On the contrary, the man on the other side, collapsed on the ground. Sheryl's eyes were filled with disgust. When Richie passed her, she quickly adjusted her expression.

However, Harry, who had no one to talk to anymore, was completely shocked. He knew very well what the man said, which was the person who made his company fall into the center of trouble.

But he also felt that this man looked familiar. He wanted to think about his identity carefully, but he couldn't figure out who he was.

He must be in a position of power.

Richie walked away, grabbed the woman's wrist, and left directly. He didn't look very happy, even though he had beaten that man so hard.

"Hey..." Consuela said in a low voice as she was dragged away.

The temper of the man was still unchanged, which made her feel helpless.

The place where Richie's hand was pulling her wrist just happened to be the pla

he shouted a bit loud. The man stopped the car and turned his head doubtfully, looking at the side face of the person who was trying hard to endure.

Pursing his lips, he asked in a cold voice with inexplicable anger, not saving her face, "What the hell are you screaming for?"

His perfunctory response made Consuela feel uncomfortable. Consuela turned to look at him and sneered, then she withdrew her hand.

If he saw that, he might even laugh at her as a joke.

She made her bed, let her lie in it. To have a private conversation with that man, she was totally out of her mind. She was just being abnormal to the extreme anyway.

"It's none of your business." She smiled, with her eyes filled with unspeakable helplessness. In order to improve trust, she also shrugged her shoulders to show that it was OK.

Thanks to Richie's good eyesight, he could sense her displeasure. He pouted and said, "I don't care about you. Who cares about you? Is that the sister of an enemy or a friend? "

Since Sheryl had sneaked out of the door and stood in front of it, he had suspected something was wrong. It never occurred to him that she would be Consuela's sister.

She should be the daughter of an uncle or aunt. After all, they don't look like each other. Moreover, that person's attitude towards her was really unpredictable.

"About my sister? She's good to me."

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