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   Chapter 108 Do You Want To Abort My Child(1)

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However, at first she thought that Sheryl was here and the tension would be reduced. But Sheryl suddenly received a call from someone and left.

Sheryl hung up the phone and sighed, "I'll be back as soon as the matter is solved. You two have a good chat. Just be clam and don't act rashly."

The woman who was able to adjust the atmosphere left.

There was a dead silence in the box. Consuela didn't pay much attention to observe Sheryl's expression anymore as she faced the man.

Therefore, she didn't have the chance to look at Sheryl that way. With a mischievous smile on her face, she looked quite complacent.

The door was slammed shut, leaving these two awkwardly embarrassed people in a relatively small space.

Just as before, when she wanted to express her love to him, it was the last time they had been so friendly. Unfortunately, everything was destroyed by the nude pictures.

Lowering her head and fiddling with the white porcelain cup in front of her, Consuela said in an indifferent tone as if she was a stranger to the man sitting opposite her, "Mr. Harry, what are you looking for me this time?"

Enraged by her tone, Harry broke out completely. He looked up at the woman's delicate face and her innocent eyes, and sneered.

'This woman is really good at acting. I don't know how she discredits others behind her back. Now I don't know how many people have seen her nude pictures.

"Consuela, you're just a shameless bitch. You can only stab people in the back, without taking the responsibility of what you've done."

The woman's hand holding the cup was shaking slightly, but the next second, she chuckled at herself. It turned out that in his eyes, her image had been terribly bad.

But how could he judge her?

She smiled sarcastically and replied, "Mr. Harry, I'm impressed by your outstanding manners. I really don't know why you behaved so strange today. Did you do that deliberately just to prevent being caught by the paparazzi and pretending not to know anything?"

Consuela poured a cup of tea from the pot on the table. Maybe the angrier she was, the calmer she was. Her nervousness was vanished by his w

heryl thoughtfully, he pushed the door open without any expression on his face, and saw the two people pushing each other as soon as he got in.

There was a big gap between men and women's physical strength, not to mention that now Consuela was pregnancy, while Harry was almost driven mad.

The one who smashed the glass was none other than Consuela. Her hand was gripped tightly by the man's grip, and he looked furious. And the man kept saying aggressively, "Aren't you going to explain yourself? Just do it!"

With red eyes, Consuela roared, "Are you insane?"

Before Harry could respond, the man who just entered the box pulled off his tie and kicked the despicable man away coldly.

Consuela's hands were grasped tightly by Harry. As a result, she leaned forward and fell down. She screamed in a low voice and at the same time, her waist was held by the man. Then she turned around and bumped into a familiar chest.

She subconsciously stretched out her hand and hugged back the man. She sighed softly and thought, 'finally my help, who I have waited for so long, came here.'

However, to her surprise, not only did she not hear his sorry to her that he was late, but she was held tightly because she was worried. Instead, she was pushed away gently and taught a lesson as if no one was around.

"I can't believe that you are so stupid to have a direct conflict with him, huh? Do you want to have my baby aborted? "

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