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   Chapter 106 At A Loss

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The man who was beaten down to hold a board meeting together smiled and promised, "That's for sure. We don't do things like leaving after benefit."

"I agree with you. Sruthan Group has grown up into a powerful business company. We won't leave, whether it will be a failure in the investment or a success."

Beautiful words came out one after another, and the echoing sound seemed to suppress the cold laughter in Richie's heart.

'It's so kind of you to say so. If something goes wrong, I'll have to thank your ancestors for it as long as these greedy people don't help me, ' he thought.

When he took over this big mess in the past, he was often swindled of by these old foxes. Except that he didn't hand over all his shares.

If he really didn't know them, he might believe these rumors.

"Words alone are no proof. Tim, get the contract," said Richie with a smile.

Tim answered and closed the screen. Then he took out the thick contract directly from the folder aside and handed it to the man on the throne.

Although he tried to be calm, he couldn't help but laugh when he saw the images of so many old foxes.

However, Richie cast a sharp glance at him, which made him have no more thoughts about what to do. So he'd better behave himself.

"Sign this contract to prove your sincerity. I won't cheat you, so that you can live comfortably when the company is promoted. We will work together if the company retreats." Richie pointed at the contract and smiled.

He looked at everyone with great respect and hope.

"This contract is to restrict you and hope to take your own responsibilities."

His words were right. They would advance and retreat together.

"Which one of you wants to sign it now?" Richie then took his seat again, pushed the contract forward, and slid toward the shareholders.

Several shareholders with high prestige among the shareholders looked at each other in speechless despair

good thing to ask him to negotiate with a pregnant woman.

But the man's expression softened a little. "What if it's really her?"

'Damn you, Consuela!' she cursed inwardly.

In fact, they were very close to each other now, but Sheryl's back was against the cold wall, and the man had a strong smell of alcohol and nicotine.

The ambiguous scene she had been imagining day and night, now looked like a torment hurting her so deep.

Lowering her head, Sheryl said through gritted teeth, "I don't think Consuela would do that."

As soon as she finished saying that, the hand around her neck suddenly took back. The man stumbled to turn around, looking for his mobile phone everywhere.

Sheryl managed to hold back her anger and managed to stop herself from hitting the man's head with her new LV handbag.

He is simply a madman without confounding right and wrong.

But she could tell from Harry's expression that he was still in love with Consuela. Well, she was really something. She separated a pair of scum man and woman, and she picked a huge mess of her own.

She should really say sorry to herself.

Eventually, Harry found his phone under the sofa. After opening the device lock, he clicked in the phone book and stopped at the phone number signed by Consuela.

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