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   Chapter 105 Let's Go To Bed (4)

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Although they had gone through such treatment, the shareholders did not think anything wrong.

As long as they had a solid share of the company, their dividend would all depend on the efforts of this man. No matter what attitude he was towards them now, they would get the money.

The reason why he behaved like that just now was that he wanted to make sure that others saw him clearly.

The man named Leo sneered and did not dare to look at the man who was sitting in the throne. With his legs crossed gracefully and composedly, he said to the man next to him, "No matter how domineering he is now, he has begged us to help him years ago in a humble way."

It was just a coincidence that he had brought Sruthan Group to the top.

"Why are you angry with him? At least he should give us money. It's not worth it." An old man said with a smile, whose hair was grey.

There was a cunning expression in his turbid eyes. He glanced at Richie and smiled to him like an old fox.

Richie replied with a nod. He was the one who owned the most share among the shareholders and the one who held this board meeting.

The old man's wife was also a rare figure in the business world. But she was also greedy. She only wanted to carve the profits up.

Perhaps, this group of people who took him as the head relied on his identity to show their power.

Richie bent his lips and tapped on the pear tree table. The rhythmic and relaxed sound of the clashing of his fingers completely blocked the noise.

Looking around the group of red faced people, he could roughly figure out what benefits they had been hoping for.

The profit margin was that it promoted Sruthan Group completely and gained the success. If possible, they wanted to make him be a puppet.

When all the people were here, Tim cleared his throat, stood up and said with a smile, "Today is an important day for all of you."

He spoke in an official tone. All the people present were high-minded merchants, because they thought they wer


The moment these words were spoken, the people all raised their hands one by one. Each of them looked more or less greedy.

As a businessman, he realized that he couldn't deposit more money in his bank account. So he decided to invest in his company.

After all, it was Richie who devoted himself. Following him, they were more relaxed and comfortable with their work. At most, they made a contribution to some special moments.

The man who hadn't spoken for a long time raised his hand and knocked at the table. His face was calm, and there was a flash of light in his charming eyes. Looking at the people who all raised their hands to agree, he raised his thin lips lightly.

He sneered at them in his mind, but still felt calm. As expected, they were all guys who were blinded by profits, although there was an old fox among them at the moment who must have been trying to find a solution for himself, to be able to refuse to invest in the future when the investment failed.

All of a sudden, Richie rose to his feet and gave a sweet laugh under their gazes.

"I'm so glad that I've received your approval. But there's only one condition here. That is, no matter you win or lose in your investment, you should make up your mind to go forward and withdraw with your companion, instead of leaving a sinking ship."

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