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   Chapter 104 Let's Go To Bed (3)

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Perhaps she didn't want her to worry too much. Johnson and Linda had no idea of it. Now the Xia Clan was struggling for life and had no extra energy to help Harry.

Consuela didn't know what they should do.

She looked at the door of the study, her face becoming gloomy. There was no way to worrying about something that would not come up in the future. This man was determined to make trouble to Harry out of nothing.

Even though they almost became enemies, Consuela still felt sorry for what he had suffered.

In the study, as soon as Richie hung up the phone of a director of the company, Tim called him again.

"I've almost arranged everything for the board of directors. I'm waiting for your next arrangement." Tim reported in general.

He didn't understand why he supported those old guys to hold a board meeting?

Richie walked to the desk and looked at the thick black coffee. He suddenly curled his lips and said, "There's no need to do anything more now. Remember to change tomorrow."

He lowered his head and took a sip. Consuela had added a lot of sugar in it, so he didn't feel bitter at all.

Watching the speech the man had arranged, Tim frowned and asked, "Are we going to spoil them too much?"

It seemed that everything was to cater to those people, which was to show weakness obviously.

"Don't worry. I know what to do. Thank you for your hard work."

After hanging up the phone, he continued to immerse himself in his work. Many things could be completed in the company, but he insisted on getting them back to the villa.

Tim couldn't tell whether he was homesick or he just wanted to let his woman know that he was busy.

After dinner, both of them stayed in the study. Behind the European office table, Richie was facing a computer, with no expression on his face.

Consuela sat on the carpet next to him, holding a newly revised maternal health book in her hand. It was so reading that she felt sleepy.

She didn't need her major in college. She had to be a full-time pregnant woman after she became

greedy old men seemed to know how happy life was.

But they were so foolish to want more.

They didn't do much in the past. They just didn't sell their shares at a very low price. But now they were able to obtain a huge amount of money from the company.

They didn't want to do anything about their life. They just wanted to take care of their young lovers and spent their time. They were like bloodsuckers. If they didn't squeeze the last value of people, they wouldn't stop.

"Mr. Richie, you are really a young talent. Sruthan Group is more than a year under your leadership. We didn't see the wrong person at the beginning, and we bet all our lives on you." An old fox trying to get close to Richie dressed like a gentleman, stepped on the face while speaking.

"You're really welcome, uncle Leo. Weren't you the one who opposed me to cooperate back then? Did I remember it wrong? I'm so sorry. I'm too old to remember. "

This was completely a satire. Anyone who heard it could tell that the man's face turned from flushed to blue in an instant. Stay away from him.

Those who wanted to suck up to him were shocked by his words. They just whispered in groups.

No one dared to disturb Richie who was sitting on the throne. After putting everything in order, Tim looked at him and shook his head. He was to benefit them after establishing prestige.

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