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   Chapter 103 Let's Go To Bed (Part two)

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His helpless voice was like a sharp knife, piercing through her heart. She closed her eyes, trying not to think about anything else anymore. When she was about to force herself to sleep, a pair of long legs suddenly stretched out from the quilt.

A gust of mint fragrance and a touch of tobacco wafted over her nostrils. She frowned and was about to push him away, but the robber kind man opened his mouth first, "If you keep moving, I don't mind doing a vigorous exercise to you."

His words successfully stopped her. She angrily reprimanded, "you're shameless."

"I'm not only shameless," answered Richie quietly.

His self-knowledge was so powerful that she couldn't find anyone to match him.

Not knowing how long it had passed, the man removed the long legs that were holding her legs. When she was about to turn over, he suddenly got into her quilt.

Richie said in a low and hoarse voice. His usual stateliness was completely gone, and he held Consuela in his arms, like a child. "I can't sleep without you in my arms."

He almost didn't sleep last night. He dealt with work in the first half of the night and had video conference in the second half of the night. He thought about taking a nap, but he didn't fall asleep.

Suddenly, he found that he seemed to have become accustomed to sleeping with her in his arms. Without her, his insomnia would become worse.

He was not sure whether it was a good habit or not.

Consuela was pissed off by his weak voice. She rolled over and slid into the man's arms, patting him gently on the back.

Obviously, he wanted to comfort her, but somehow, he fell asleep.

Perhaps this woman really had some magic power that no one could explore.

When they woke up, it was already in the evening and the weather in spring was getting warmer. There was a deck chair placed on the balcony by Consuela.

The position she used to enjoy was now filled the man with a cup of coffee in his hand, and he could do whatever he wanted with an iPad.

She returned to her bed and took out her phone. She received several messages from Debbie.

As soon as the Internet was conne

he company could go up in the future and get a greater dividend also put pressure on him step by step.

But no matter how busy he was, he would always return to the villa. It was not comfortable there, but he felt a little excited about a woman's waiting.

"You have money to buy cruise ships for your little wife but have no money to invest in enterprises?"

Consuela heard what the man said with a mysterious smile as she walked into the study with the coffee.

The man stood in front of the French window, looking at her with warm eyes. But when he heard the response from the other side of the phone, his voice was even colder.

"If you really want so much profit, how about I send you abroad to a charity? I will promise you whatever you say then."

After placing the coffee on the table, she left the room. The man was talking on the phone with a Bluetooth headset, so she couldn't hear his reply.

She could only see that the man was getting more and more gloomy, and she thought the charity must not be a good place.

Otherwise, she would not feel that this person's expression of sending people to the charity was as gloomy as that of sending people to die.

Consuela stepped out of the study and took a deep breath. She was helpless because she could not solve the problems of Harry's affairs. And it even seemed to worsen.

She called her sister, but her sister just refused to say anything.

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