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   Chapter 101 Did You Hurt Your Little Lover(3)

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Consuela didn't want to be seen like this, so she swallowed her saliva and bowed her head.

To the Ye Clan, she was just a woman who was carrying their child.

In the eyes of Richie, it should be just a burden.

He could blatantly dig out dirty information to reveal the existence of those he didn't like, so that he could destroy their hard-developed painstaking efforts.

Who would trust such a cold-blooded and ruthless man? What's more, the relationship between them was really hard to say.

"I will give birth to this baby for your family. My only wish is that you won't disturb me all the time.

From now on, we will sleep in separate rooms, have separate meals, and avoid meeting each other until I give birth to the baby."

The expression on her face was serious, and her voice was calm. It seemed that she was willing to sacrifice her body for freedom.

The man looked down at her head and extended his eyes. He could clearly see that her face had turned pale.

Sure enough, she was just flaunting her superiority.

Perhaps she had cried badly with her head down. Her shoulders trembled in a low angle, which was noticed by him.

Suddenly, he felt that half of the anger in his heart was gone. He laughed.

He suggested with a smile, seeming to be in a good mood. "I think we should both sit down and have a good talk, and don't damage our relationship because of someone else."

'Talk about relationship? Fuck relationship. He is afraid that his child will be hurt because of my emotion. Well, such a man with a double mind.

Consuela's mind was in a mess. Subconsciously, she believed that everything that he had done was based on their child.

She didn't deny the benefits of doing this, but it was really disappointing.

"There is nothing to talk about between us. You'd better focus on your work."

It would be best if he could die unexpectedly in this place.

With a vicious thought, she stepped back, reached for the doorknob, and trotted away.


man suddenly became considerate. He raised his hand to pat her on the back and said, "don't be afraid. I am here. No one can bully you."

Some casual words were the most touching thing to Sheryl. When she was about to be happier, she heard the man call out her sister's name.

As soon as he finished his words, the woman's face was as gloomy and long as a donkey face that was smeared with a layer of dirt.

"You've grown my face, haven't you?You think you are something, don't you?" Then she got up and slapped on his face mercilessly.

The one who did it with his own hand. Otherwise, she would have no chance to explain to him.

Although she grabbed his hand fiercely, it was quite powerful. All of a sudden, the man held her hand back and pulled her to himself.

Before she could make any reaction, Sheryl fell into his arms. She winced in pain and was about to stand up, but she heard the man's nonsense again.

"Consuela, don't leave. Don't leave me alone," he begged.

In order to hear what he said, Sheryl approached the man on purpose. Hearing every word he said, her face became darker again.

Before she could say something, the man suddenly turned over and pressed her down and vomited.

The woman's screams echoed in the box, but because of the sound insulation effect, there was no sound outside.

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