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   Chapter 100 Did You Hurt Your Little Lover(2)

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His voice was mocking. As Consuela turned around, she saw the dark circles under his eyes. Frowning, she asked, "Are you tired?"

The topic was changed so fast that even Richie was confused. He could only change the subject back with a cold face. "Why don't you speak?"

She looked around and didn't find anyone who stood close to her.

She decided to avoid his question. "Would you like to go upstairs and have a rest first?" she asked smilingly

Right now, he looked too haggard. His slanted eyes were bloodshot, and there were livid stubble on his chin.

The man looked into her eyes and suddenly threw the phone back to her. Then he turned and walked into the villa with steady steps and a little anger that could not be ignored.

He got angry for no reason. She couldn't believe that she couldn't watch the news and couldn't be in a daze.

Moreover, he had just asked her about her opinion on this matter. Would Harry be such a person? But in the bottom of her heart, she said no.

But when she looked at those hard evidences, she couldn't find a word to refute, maybe she had been wrong about it all the time.

She really didn't know what kind of person Harry was.

She switched off the address and quickly replied to Debbie who liked to gossip, and successfully blocked her mouth with working hard.

Then she walked towards the villa, too. She looked pale and sad. As the morning sun rose, her shadow was enlarged as if she was singing a drama.

Richie was not in the living room or bedroom. He was still in the study. His cold face was like the screen shinning on his face.

The same ruthless man.

No matter what, she just pushed the door open and walked into the study. Meeting the man's curious gaze, she smiled and said, "Are you sure you don't want to have a rest? Excessive use of brain and staying up late are easy to cause sudden death."

Obviously, it was an exaggeration. She just wanted him to put aside his work first and obey her orders.

With a foxy smile, he repea

the woman's hand.

"You can do that in the future, only to ensure the safety of my child."

'this shameless man! He only wants to make a promise that he will not care about your life after you give birth to the baby!'.

She shook off his hand and looked up at him with red eyes.

Her hands were rubbing the hem of her clothes, and her knuckles began to turn pale because of her overexertion. Her lips trembled, she asked loudly, "am I just a tool for you to give birth, aren't I? Whether I am alive or dead, as long as the baby is healthy and nurtured, right? You are such a scary man. "

If she had a difficult labor when she gave birth in the future and she felt that she could not be alive, she might not be able to get out of bed for the operation.

This man was absolutely impossible to give up the child and choose to save her.

Consuela had a clear cut mind and became angry. She hated the fate like this.

"I got pregnant before marriage in the Xia Clan, which is an extremely shameful thing. But what am I doing in your clan?"

She didn't even try to argue with Richie. She just asked calmly, as if she was discussing an ordinary problem with an old friend.

While the man didn't respond to her words, she laughed out loud, and her tears streamed down her face as she moved about.

It tasted salty in her mouth.

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