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   Chapter 99 Did You Hurt Your Little Lover(1)

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Harry didn't say much and looked away. His face darkened and he was embarrassed.

After a long time of silence, he finally abandoned a certain idea. He opened his mouth and said, "This latest photo was taken after Consuela's nude photos."

He didn't think that Consuela was able to figure out his private life, but he still began to doubt her.

Sheryl was a little surprised. According to Consuela's character, if she knew earlier that he would be such a person, she would never like him.

She had no reason to take these pictures in secret.

The woman looked up at the man whose face changed greatly. Maybe it was because that the woman he found every time had a quirk that she installed cameras in a room.

Or she had planned to threaten him with the photos in the future.

Just as the question was spoken, the man firmly denied, "you should take a good look at these people. They all have a good relationship in their circle. There is no need for them to ruin their future."

Now, the women who had been his girlfriends would be as unhappy as he was.

Hearing Harry's words, Sheryl was furious. 'Such a scum that should be killed by thousands of knives has slept with so many women, but he is still so shameless to mention it openly.'

Suddenly, a light flashed through Sheryl's mind. 'Since he is sure that the one who spread the photos is not one of those women, then I'm more suspicious of Consuela, ' she thought to herself.

The skill of wronging people had always been one of her strongest skills.

"I don't think so. It can't be Consuela. She had gone through this kind of thing herself, and she knew how serious it would be to the reputation of the company. What's more, your company has just been listed. She wouldn't do that,"

She didn't post it on the Internet before, maybe because she wanted to wait until his company was listed and the storm could be more intense.

"At least, we have known each other for so long. Don't you believe in her?"

Her behavior? Well, since the appearance of the porn photo scandal, she had no progress, which made him look at her with new eyes.


ws must be fake. Although she didn't get along well with that man recently, it couldn't erase the past memories.

Harry was a very good person.

In order to get some food for Consuela, Harry decided to take the last bus to the pancake shop which was in the southern of the city at night. Since there was no taxi on the way home, he came back on foot.

She could never forget that young man, who had got his shirt wet with sweat, was smiling at her unreasonable reproach.

Then he raised his slightly childish face and said righteously, "How can I let you down on what you want?"

Perhaps it was only such an incomparably simple moment that made her like him silently for so many years.

When she saw the screen of her cellphone went black, she was still thinking that the news must be false. How could Harry be such a debauched person in private life?

"What are you thinking about so seriously? Your eyes are red." The man looked at the woman who was stiff in place. With some curiosity, he grabbed the mobile phone from the woman's hand easily.

His voice rose slightly at the end, as if he was a little interested.

With nothing in her hand, the woman finally came to her senses and turned around, trying to take back her cell phone. At this time, the man's face had changed.

"Do you like this little lover so much? Why do you lose in thought for him? Tell me. Is he such a person in your eyes?"

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