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   Chapter 98 Suspicion

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After asking for leave, Sheryl immediately called the person involved Harry. After a busy signal, no one answered. The mechanical woman's cold voice pierced into the eardrum.

Raising her eyebrows, she dialed his company's landline number again, but nobody answered.

All of a sudden, her face turned deathly pale. Was this man going to evade the world?

But it didn't matter. She knew his address and didn't believe he could hide for long.

She hurriedly tidied up and went downstairs. Coincidentally, she met her mother who just got up. "Sheryl, where are you going in such a hurry?"

It was still early for her to go to work. Was something wrong with her in a hurry?

Sheryl immediately pulled a long face and said with a smile, "my friend is in trouble. I'm going to help her. I'm leaving now."

Then she began to trot away in a hurry.

After a while, Linda shook her head and went to the kitchen.

She didn't know much about the affairs among young people.

It was unknown when Sheryl had such a good friend that could make her so anxious.

Sheryl drove towards Harry's multi story single villa. It was already eight o'clock. The sun shone brightly into the house, and every window was covered by thick curtain.

'He must be in a bad mood. Besides, he smashed things here and there, ' she thought.

No matter whether the photos were true or not, the loss his company had suffered was real. It would take a long time for the PR department to get them back.

The door was still open, and Sheryl pushed it in with a frown. She saw the mess all the way, which was too horrible to look at.

People with good temper always had a lot of suspense in their hearts or no pursuit in their hearts, but Harry must be the former.

She let out a sigh and rushed over, only relying on the anger in the bottom of her heart. But now, somehow, she felt a little scared.

Pushing the doors one after another, she finally

ead and didn't know what to do. One of the people in the picture was her boyfriend.

Maybe it was something she liked to fight for power, fighting for what Consuela loved, but now it seemed that he was just a broken sock.

At the beginning, she really shouldn't have robbed the man. She should have let Consuela run behind the man's ass.

Now that the news was released, it would be easy for her dear sister to do something to hurt her.

Hearing her voice, Harry was somewhat dazed. All of a sudden, he raised his hand to grab the latest photo from her hand. Looking the lower right corner of the photo, he burst into laughter all of a sudden.

But his expression was colder than just now, which was frightening.

"Have you thought of something? Tell me, who is it?" Sheryl pretended to be curious.

'As long as we know who the poster was and force him to admit it personally, those were all made up without any evidence.'

Hearing her voice, Harry suddenly looked up at her. The meaningful look in his eyes made Sheryl hold her breath. "Why are you looking at me? Let alone our relationship, I don't have to behave like this even if we are not lovers."

She rubbed her hair and smiled dry. Damn, he began to suspect her?

God knew that she was extremely depressed now!

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