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   Chapter 97 She Is Really Alive (2)

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With a casual expression on his face, Richie raised his eyebrows and rotated a pen in his hand, as if he were on a holiday in some famous tourist attraction.

He suddenly changed the topic. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he asked, "How about that thing?"

Judging from the calmness in his voice, Tim knew what he was talking about.

'What a sentimental man! His old lover has been found, and there's a registered wife at home.'

"I've sent someone to find something to trouble him. He'll be on the headline tomorrow," answered Tim, lowering his eyebrows.

Sorry for that beast in human clothing, the old gossips from hundreds of years ago had been dug out. It was imaginable how terrible his face would be.

Richie nodded in satisfaction. He asked ruthlessly, "is that all?"

That's all? Such a scandal could have caused that recently listed company to fall into the public criticism. The stock plummeted and the trend was not very good.

His reputation that he was trying to build up in the business world was destroyed easily. Just that's all?

The man's sharp eyes looked at him, and his voice was always cold and thin. He slightly bent his lips and said, "If you have any opinions, you can say it. I can't see through your mind for a long time."

'Someone is much more horrible when he smiles than when he doesn't smile with a straight face.'

Tim didn't dare to challenge him. He shook his head and said, "let the planning department come up with a better idea right away. We must help him find a good home."

"Take your time. I'm not in a hurry. Be careful. Don't let anyone have something on you."

Although the reputation Sruthan Group was always inclined to be bad comments, he still didn't want to add another darkness because of such a small character.

Under his thoughtful gaze, Tim left the office.

It was late at night, and only the floor of Sruthan Building that was still working overtime was open. With the subtle light on, Richie took the photo on the document.

After a momentary observation, he smiled from the bottom of his heart.


the two people. But once they were given the names, they were really special.

Sheryl was so angry that her face turned pale. Meanwhile, her colleagues also released the news, and many personal messages poured into the phone soon.

They were extremely pleased and thrilled.

With the phone in one of her hands and an eyebrow pencil in the other, Sheryl's face was so angry that even a thick powder could not cover it. She was not willing to be disgraced.

How could he be such a person? The fake photo must be shot by someone to destroy his reputation.

After comforting herself in her heart, she immediately called her leader and stammered that she wanted to ask for leave.

"Something serious happened to my family, so I want to ask for a leave. I'll make it up after I finish it."

If she went to the company today, she would be treated as a free monkey from the zoo and be talked about it by others.

Either way, she was almost driven crazy by the image she had maintained for so many years.

How could she have been involved in such a mess all the time.

There were very few people in the company who didn't know about it. When she made the call, the leader comforted her, "Don't be too sad. There are many other good men in the world."

She liked to attach herself to power in the company and had a good relationship with this executives, so she quickly asked for leave.

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