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   Chapter 95 Reconcile (Part three)

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In a daze for a moment, they both looked away. Consuela poked the eggs in her bowl, and then the yolk of the fried egg came out and stained with soup juice.

When she started to eat, the man looked at her.

It was really strange that he, who had always been a neat freak, could hold it. It was almost inconceivable that he was having a meal with the woman.

However, since the woman was Consuela, he didn't have to refuse it.

He was suddenly amused by this idea. The corner of his mouth was raised into a lonely corner, and the pink at the end of his eyes was more obvious, and a faint light flashed in his charming eyes.

As soon as she swallowed the food and raised her head to look at him, she was stunned by the scene happening in front of her.

She suddenly forgot what she wanted to say. Unconsciously, she took out her phone from her nightdress pocket and opened the photo taking software with excitement.

She was about to take a photo of his smiling face.

His enchanting smile made Consuela's heart skip a beat.

The appetizing smell of the noodle soup couldn't resist the temptation of his prosperity face.

Consuela took her phone and stealthily selected a specific point of view and press the button under the desk.

Before she was able to titter, all her movements froze on the spot. Looking at the phone which hadn't been turned off, she put it in her pocket calmly.

"Do you mind if I take a few selfies?" Uttered Consuela with a grimace.

The most embarrassing thing was not that you would be found when you peeped at others, and you could shift your sight openly at that time, but when you were found to be photographed, you could check the mobile phone photo for a while. He-he, the evidence was certain.

A hint of cunning flashed through her eyes, but she also felt a little scared as she was discovered.

Was this a sneaky photo or a photo taken in public?

"Can you show me your phone? I want to learn how you took selfies under the table. It demanded forty-five degrees, right?" He stretched out h

her life.

"Be careful when you walk." he reminded her

She was going to be a mother soon. She was just like a child now. She couldn't be more childish.

After a quick response, she quickened her pace and went up the stairs.

What deceiving fetal movement? She just did that kind of exercise. Suddenly, her stomach hurt, which was a sign of diarrhea.

She would be extremely embarrassed if she put two consecutive farts in front of him.

However, the photo was not deleted, so she had to copy it when the person did not look into it.

The man downstairs answered the phone again.

In a complacent and proud tone, he said, "Boss, I've found out where Consuela slept last night. She had a quarrel with someone."

With a layer of ice in his eyes, Richie rubbed his forehead and said, "keep your tone of schadenfreude low. Since I'm in a good mood now, I won't pursue it this time."

If it was a good mood, those happy people would go to heaven.

The person on the other end of the line didn't dare to contradict him. He could only reported it in a low voice.

When he heard the name of Harry, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the stairs leading to the second floor. The person in the microphone was still chattering.

He got impatient, straightened his sleeves and left the villa. The sound of the door closing could be heard everywhere.

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