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   Chapter 94 Reconcile (Part two)

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When Consuela woke up, she found that it was much darker than before. When she raised her hand, she was surprised to see a pink cuff on her sleeve. Immediately, she was no longer sleepy.

She reached out to turn on the light, only to find herself in a silk pink nightdress.

She bought it when she went shopping with Sheryl.

Usually, Emily and Nancy would not go to the second floor rashly. There was only one person who could help her change clothes.

At the thought of the man helping her change clothes, her face turned red as if a boiled shrimp.

'what a bastard!'.

Pinching the fat on her waist, she sighed. What was the charm of such a curvy figure?

The man in the kitchen was cooking, wearing a simple white gown without an apron. He seemed to be in a good mood.

Her face was as red as an apple. She walked down the stairs in a hurry as she was about to get to the kitchen. But her husband was so focused on his work that he didn't notice her.

The man was busy cooking in the kitchen. The noodles were made by himself.

She stepped into the dining room. Because of the point of view, she could just see Richie was busy with his work from the transparent small window of the kitchen.

She rested her chin on one hand, and her eyes followed the man's every movement. No matter from which point of view, the man seems to be the most handsome.

He had broad shoulders, slim waist and bottom, black short hair, black eyes and fair skin.

He did match his appearance.

"Babe, that's your father. He's a perfect man." Consuela said in a low voice as she started fetal education.

The child was only four months old, and it did not give her any reaction.

Consuela wasn't disappointed. She looked at the man intently, a smile resting on her lips.

This man pushed her to the point of perdition, and his temper was so bad. But it was the way of love, which came all of a sudden.

She also knew clearly that this was not a good sign. It could be controlled easily. That could not be called love.

When Richie found her, she was sitting

chopsticks on the table to join, glaring at the man who was sniffing quickly, as if competing with him.

The man teased, "slow down, or you'll get yourself burned. It's making my heart ache."

'Care about me? I didn't even see the distressed look on his face.'

The noodles were very delicious. Consuela didn't look like a lady at all, as if she were a bandit. She just enjoyed the delicious food very much.

The noodles were specially made for two people. When they finished, they were full.

There was still a fried egg in the bowl. The man didn't take his chopsticks anymore to scramble for it. Surprised, Consuela raised her head to see that the man was also looking at her.

He looked at her so intently that she was scared and had a blackout.

"Why are you looking at me?" Raising her hand to touch her face uneasily, she asked in a low voice.

Richie put down his chopsticks and said lightly, "nothing. You can eat."

Surprised, Consuela raised her head again. Her eyes were full of disbelief. As expected, he began to be schizophrenic again.

However, she ran into the man's deep and dark eyes, and he laughed suddenly. The dark area seemed to be lit up like a sparkling star, which almost blind her eyes.

Amused by Richie's reaction, Consuela giggled. She raised her head and looked into his eyes. The aura in the air instantly filled with sparks.

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