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   Chapter 93 Reconcile (Part one)

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Consuela could tell that the man wasn't happy about her appearance.

Strangely, his attitude was somewhat cold.

"What's wrong with you?" Unable to be calm anymore, Consuela opened her mouth first.

Why was he in the hospital so soon? And it seemed that he didn't want to call her on purpose.

Richie adjusted the speed of the infusion, frowned slightly, and explained, "the old disease relapses, and he will be discharged for a reexamination after having an intravenous drip."

Tim ran so fast that he didn't delete the message he sent. Maybe he sent it on purpose or it was too late.

He put his phone back on the bedside table and picked up the paper files on the table to check. Being kept away from others made him look more aggressive.

She touched her nose awkwardly but didn't know what to say.

She could only come here to see him, not to do anything else.

In the quiet room, the man sitting at the head of the bed suddenly said, "maybe you can sit down?"

Pregnant women should have some self-awareness. If they felt tired, they could rest; if they felt hungry, they could eat; if they felt sleepy, they could sleep.

The woman was in a daze for a while. After hearing that, she realized that the corners of her mouth couldn't help but lengthen upwards. He was actually caring for her.

Looking up at the man who frowned, she sighed suddenly. This awkward and arrogant man was the last person to let others explore his inner thoughts.

Holding a glass of newly filled warm water in her hand, Consuela lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I called you many times yesterday."

Although she guessed that Hiram didn't want to answer her phone. If he didn't admit it in person, she still didn't want to believe it.

Now that he had changed, she should have the hope.

The man stopped his hand turning the pages and the slight sound of paper rubbing suddenly stopped. He kept his eyes down, looking at the white paper and black words.

"Why did you call me yesterday?"

He just woke up this morning. Yesterday, in order to make

ie took her to the bedroom, took off her shoes and socks, and half knelt in front of the bed, in an elegant and gentleman gesture.

After settling her, he left with a light step. He took out his phone from his pocket after closing the door and dialed a number.

He threatened him with the most flat voice and even with a slight smile, "You'll be dead meat if there is nothing important."

Tim couldn't swallow a mouthful of water. Sure enough, he forgot to delete the traces of the murder, which was courting death. He had to report it at the other end of the phone.

"Some new information about the mysterious woman was found. You need to go there in person and check it."

When he looked at the tightly closed European style carved door, he suddenly said absent-minded, "why should I support you?"

"Yes, boss. I got it. I am on my way." Tim replied as he was racking his brains.

As expected, when one worked for others, he had to go through all kinds of fire, just like the servants of the ancient times who took the silver needles to test the poison.

After the phone was hung up, Richie looked away and went downstairs, preparing to make a simple bowl of instant noodles.

He was not good at cooking, but he was one of the few specialties.

He only hoped that the woman wouldn't dislike the noodles too much, but she should dare not to dislike blatantly.

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