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   Chapter 92 Why Are You Alone (5)

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The next morning, Consuela woke up in her room. She smelt the fragrance of Debbie's body. The grass green curtains were blown up by the wind, making her feel a little cold.

This rent house was not so big, and even a little shabby. She could hear the sound from the kitchen, and the regular sound of cutting dishes.

It's amazing that the careless girl like her could cook.

Debbie caught a glimpse of her from the corner of her eye. She said quickly, "Go and brush your teeth and wash your face. I will be ready soon."

She seemed to have done a good job in the kitchen, and Consuela smiled back at her and went to the bathroom.

When Debbie finished cooking, she almost bit her tongue. She raised her head to look at the woman who was taking off her apron, tears welling up in her eyes.

With a look of disgust, she responded, "collect your nasal mucus and tears and prevent me from eating them."

"I finally know why Herman Lin kept chasing after you." She was so good at cooking.

If she hadn't tasted the food prepared by Nancy, she would kneel down in front of her and sing "Conquer".

"No talking while eating. Shut up and eat." Debbie rolled her eyes at her and didn't say anything. But when she saw Consuela have a good appetite, she was still a little proud.

However, that man had never praised her for her cooking. Besides, hadn't Herman Lin been on good terms with a woman on TV recently?

She didn't want to make trouble for herself any more. No matter who was fooling around with him, she would be the happiest person to let him get someone else's hand.

After the breakfast, she swung the car keys in her hand and asked in a teasing tone, "Have you decided where to go, or do you want me to take you to Sruthan Building right now?"

Boss did not reply to her phone call last night, and he did not work overtime and left early yesterday.

Left with no choice, Consuela nodded resignedly. Although it would be very awkward for her to bump into this man now, she really wanted to know why he didn't answer the phone on purpose.

She was curious, but at the same time, she was afra

loor, Richie walked out with a cold face, and behind him followed by Cassie. It was then that she realized that there was something wrong between the two of them.

"Hurry up." Richie urged her.

Cassie stepped forward and said helplessly, "Oh, slow down."

She had to trot to keep up with him as he was walking so fast.

Unexpectedly, the man turned his head and looked at the woman still in the elevator. "Don't you come here to see me?"

Cassie, who was self absorbed, felt embarrassed and touched her face silently. She felt that her face was very painful and was slapped on the face.

"What? Yes... " Consuela didn't budge a little, but a smile crept across her face.

And the man's face was still pale, but it was not as cold and indifferent as before. Now he could at most keep a poker face.

In spite of illness or in general, this man was as straight as a floss.

After entering the ward, Richie looked at the bedside table for a few seconds, and suddenly said, "Cassie, do you want to hit Tim right now?"

Cassie rolled her eyes and said incredulously, "Don't fool me. Take good care of yourself and don't stay here for half a month. It will be awkward if the news goes out."

Even her voice was a little bleak, as if she was still sleeping.

As soon as she finished speaking, she put on a drip. After adjusting the speed, she cast a meaningful glance at Consuela before leaving.

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