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   Chapter 91 Why Are You Alone (4)

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The atmosphere inside the car was quite awkward. After a while, Consuela raised her hand and fumbled for the button to open the window. A gust of cold wind blew, making them become silent.

She closed her eyes and didn't know what to say. The car was a little bumpy and it was not very comfortable.

Harry was like a walking refrigerator, sending out the chill all over her body. Consuela gritted her teeth and insisted, not wanting to show weakness in front of him again.

The man's voice, like a flash of light, suddenly pierced through the darkness and deep into the ears. "When will you stop pretending?"

Consuela opened her eyes, adjusted her facial expression and sat up straight. Only to find that she wasn't relaxed as she had imagined.

She didn't feel uncomfortable when she was so close to him before.

Those cold words and sarcastic remarks rushed into her mind again.

"Thank you for driving me." Consuela said as she forced a smile. There was an obvious uneasiness in her face.

However, she got no response but the man's sneer, which made her feel like getting off the car with another man. "Get off the car, you should know how disgusting I am to you now."

The car braked all of a sudden. She sprinted forward, but luckily her seat belt steadied her. The belly was covered with heavy clothes. She didn't feel uncomfortable.

Consuela gritted teeth. As she got out of the car, the back seat was cleaned up by the man without mercy. He didn't even look at her.

And he didn't care whether there would be a car passing by or not. He was so selfish that he only wanted to leave quickly.

The wind and snow gathered and whined when it was late at night, and the snowy day had also turned into a cold and gloomy day because of the sunlight.

She stood under the changed road lights, staring at the white car moving away like a meteor.

Harry had never believed her. When the photos were posted, he insisted that it was all her fault and ignored her was the most victim.

However, he still couldn't find out the person who had hurt her.

a good rest. I'm going to fill in the report left by the company now." She stretched herself and pointed to a room.

"There are spare toiletries. Well, you can't wear my clothes now. Just change into a bathrobe." After looking at the woman's figure for a few seconds, she opened her mouth and her words like a knife, directly stabbing into the woman's heart.

Bearing the pain, she nodded and went to the bathroom. She then saw men's toiletries, and shavers in front of the mirror.

She was shocked. 'Is she living with the male star?' But, had she ever seen that scandal?

'It's impossible that I can't see her, but does she take her friend seriously?'

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she walked out of the bathroom. The door was wide open, and the laptop screen was on. The woman, who had promised to finish the report, was asleep.

She raised her head and looked at the alarm clock in the living room. It was about midnight.

She put up her phone left in the living room, but there was no missed call or message for her. She had to go back to Debbie's room and put a coat on her.

Her phone was still on the screen. A person who was signed as "bastard" was sending message to her.

Thinking of the countless calls she had received, she knew that the message was from the man again.

However, it seemed that the woman didn't want to talk to him.

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