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   Chapter 90 Why Are You Alone (3)

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Her attitude was not the same as before. Her eyes were calm and there was no strange emotion.

She should be about to give up her revenge on Harry.

Consuela's lips curled into a gentle smile. What he had said before had haunted her countless nightmares. But now, his words were gone.

"That's good. Pick a good time." Sheryl was fooled by her reaction.

The woman had really changed her mind so that she no longer cared about Harry. She even accepted their invitation to dinner.

Obviously, Consuela was really holding the thigh of a big shot in L City.

That was impossible. She didn't believe it at all!

Hearing her voice, Harry raised his head to look at Consuela, who wore a faint smile on her face. His eyes darkened all of a sudden.

He knew that she had liked him in the past, but he didn't expect that the speed of her change of heart was different from that in her appearance, which was concealed perfectly.

Not long ago, she had a totally different attitude.

While Sheryl was playing the family card with her, she said, "Consuela, I hope Harry and I can learn more about him and see what kind of man he is to attract you."

She stared at Consuela's abdomen with her beautiful eyes.

It was easy to get pregnant and easy to lose. She just needed to see that man first.

She didn't want this woman to lose her child and regain her freedom when she was unhappy.

"Consuela, is your baby a boy or a girl?" Sheryl picked up an apple peeling from the tea table and asked curiously.

She peeled off the apple skin quickly and handed it to Consuela with a friendly smile.

She took it over with a smile and said, "the doctor said it is a boy."

Lowering her eyes to conceal the true emotions in them, the light laughter spread to the other two people in the living room, and none of them was in a good mood.

Unable to hold back her anger, she forced a smile and said, "Do you want to go shopping with me, Consuela? I can buy some gifts for my unborn nephew."

It had been a long time since the last time she had bought herself clothes. The

about it. A big company like Sruthan Group has to work overtime every day, no matter which department it is in. It's not like any other companies that only have to ask for leave to tell stories."

Sheryl helped her out of the embarrassment casually. She blew her fingernails, and the corners of her lips were very lovely.

Only she knew it, just because she didn't want to see this woman.

But when she saw the grateful look in her eyes, she decided to listen to her. She gave a comforting look to her and continued persuading Linda.

Sitting next to her mother, Consuela had a break. She had texted Richie earlier and told him that she wanted to spend more time with her parents at home.

But that man refused directly, "I can't sleep without you at night."

What a blatant and helpless reason. As soon as he lost his temper or he was displeased, his employees would suffer a difficult time.

After complaining for a while, she compromised at last.

Despite Sheryl's persuading, her mother finally let her daughter go.

After sitting in the car, Consuela suddenly realized that she should have turned off her phone and stayed at home, ignoring that man, instead of sitting on the copilot seat and feeling worried

The car was filled with the stuff she bought.

Looking at the car that was going far away, Sheryl gritted her teeth and could not tell what she felt.

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