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   Chapter 89 Why Are You Alone (2)

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"I'll call Sheryl and ask her to come back as soon as possible. She missed you every day." Linda suddenly clapped her head and said with a smile.

She knew that Sheryl was more caring than the rest of her family.

Now Consuela was back but she wasn't at home. God knows why.

Consuela smiled at her but didn't say anything. She came back on the weekend, so Sheryl didn't have to go to work.

She wasn't at home. She was either shopping with her friends or staying with Harry.

She didn't realize that as soon as she thought of that name, she had no regret or sadness.

Just like that man, who was really only her sister's boyfriend. They had never met before.

When Sheryl and her mother were on the phone, the conversation between them happened to be interrupted by a joyful laughter from Consuela, who was sitting on the couch and watching TV with her father.

The woman saw her contorted face in the mirror. "How's Consuela?" she asked with a smile.

How could she still smile so happily? Shouldn't she get married secretly and be pregnant?

Sure enough, bitches always had unusual strong psychological quality.

"Consuela seems to be in a good mood now, and she should be having a good time there as well. You're right. She is really lucky."

"Ha-ha." Sheryl smiled awkwardly. She just wanted to comfort her mother by saying that.

She didn't want to admit that Consuela was a lucky woman.

She quickly ended the phone call, which made her unhappy. When she raised her head, her face was already very gloomy. The person who was washing his hands next to her suddenly left in a hurry.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Sheryl took out the face powder to fix her makeup.

She couldn't calm herself down anymore. Every time she encountered something related to Consuela, she could be as arrogant as an inflatable ball.

As for her biological sister, she had never liked her since she knew her parents were part

u to a meal. I want to know him."

"I don't know when he'll be free. I'll think about it later." Consuela wasn't expecting to hear this.

If she married a normal man who loved and cared for her, she would have a meal with her.

But, that man was fickle and suspicious with lots of lies.

The love he said to her was so fragile that it couldn't stand any wind and sun.

Let alone let him accompany her to deal with his family, that person would turn against her without saying anything.

"What does my brother-in-law do? He is so busy with his work that he must have earned a lot of money. Consuela, you are so lucky to have such a good man." Sheryl smiled like a tiger, but her heart was actually bleeding slowly.

Why wasn't he too busy to be exhausted?

Consuela took a cup of water from the tea table nearby to moisten her throat. "I don't know what he is doing."

Hearing that, Sherry's eyes brightened. She had no idea what her husband did? Then she was more interested in that man.

A drug dealer was the best.

"Consuela, let's wait for my brother-in-law to come here to take care of you. You can't be bullied outside."

Well, she must be happy if she was bullied to death.

"Sheryl, I will invite Harry and you to dinner when he is available." Consuela said calmly.

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