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   Chapter 88 Why Are You Alone (1)

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The outdoor air was a bit strong, so Consuela's face darkened. With a smile, she said, "I'll tell you when I arrive."

That was a lie.

"Okay, I'll wait here." Perhaps, Stacy really valued that blind date. She smiled and drove her car away without further questions.

Putting her hand on her belly, Consuela felt a bit uncomfortable. She might have been treated like Adriana too.

However, Richie would not do that like Terence. Oh, maybe it was just because she couldn't help him and he didn't need to rely on women.

That was why his attitude was so different.

Living in the splendid villa, she was like a maidservant who didn't need to work. As long as she gave birth to his child, she could satisfy his physiological need.

She was a loser in love.

But she felt she had no right to leave.

When she was trying to deny herself, a familiar voice came from behind. "Miss Consuela, what are you doing outside? It's so cold. Come in."

She was the housekeeper. She had been taken care of by the housekeeper since she was a little girl. When she answered her, she walked into the house.

She walked through the rockery and artificial fountain, went to the long corridor to the villa. The housekeeper helped her carry many things

"Miss Consuela, why did you buy so many things today? Mr. and Mrs. Xia would feel sorry for you once they see you."

They felt sorry for her to waste money and didn't buy anything for herself.

"I've grown up. I should buy something for my parents. I can't be like running water, just running away and not bringing back.

Consuela forced a smile. Her white face was flushed by the wind.

She stepped on the snow, crunch. The sun was still hanging above her head, which was emitting heat. When the snow melted, it was the coldest.

"You've grown up, Miss Consuela," said the housekeeper, gratified.

'she is becoming more and more sensible.'

Scratching her head with a smile, Consuela didn't say anything more.

She was old, but her intelligence was still limited in a certain age.

When she entered the room, the first person she saw was Johnson. She hesitated, holding something in her hand. She didn'

hat she had secretly registered with her household register.

Her parents feared that she would marry someone evil.

With a calm face, Consuela went on making up excuses, "I was in a hurry to take the residence booklet back then because I was afraid that he would go back on his word. On the other hand, I was afraid that you wouldn't agree with my marriage at that time. As a result, I took such a brutal action."

Seeing that Linda and Johnson believed in her without any doubt, she suddenly felt that she should really be an actress.

Her skills of acting and talking nonsense were boosted since a sudden accident.

Moreover, she felt at ease.

Sitting on the couch, Johnson looked straight into her eyes and said, ''Although this is your choice, I'm telling you, no matter what will happen in the future, our family door will always be open to you. Don't be a coward just to be with someone."

The daughter of the Xia Clan should not lower her status due to love.

She was amused by her father's concern for her. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she comforted him, "Dad, don't worry about me. He is very kind to me now."

Even if it was for the child, he would not mistreat her temporarily.

Looking at her bulging belly, Johnson didn't speak, but his eyes were filled with silence. He was unable to speak.

Consuela was a clever woman and could tell right from wrong. She had her own reasons for judging a person.

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