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   Chapter 87 Be With Your Wife (5)

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She heated the dishes a little and then put the tray on the table in his bedroom.

Since he wasn't in the bedroom, she went to the study. She finally saw him in the study which was like a bookstore.

Richie frowned at her, unable to persuade her to change her mind. "Put it here."

"Take care of yourself. Don't just think about work."

The man nodded. Left with no choice, Consuela retreated to the study. When Emily went back to the study and took out the tray, the dishes on the tray were still untouched.

"Mrs. Richie, why are you standing here?" Emily went downstairs with the tray in her hand, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a familiar figure.

Ignoring her question, Consuela asked in reply, "He didn't eat anything?"

Emily shook her head. Apparently, she didn't understand why Consuela asked that. But as long as she was the housekeeper, she didn't mind.

Since the employer was in a bad mood, they didn't need to explore.

After greeting Consuela, Emily took the tray to the kitchen.

Consuela asked with a frown. She could tell from the man's breath that he hadn't eaten or drunk yet and was concentrating on his work.

No wonder people in Sruthan Building always said that men ran from one company to another.

In the evening, they slept in peace. Consuela didn't know when the man had lain next to her. All she could remember was that his hand had tightened around her waist.

She frowned and wanted to turn around, but she was directly imprisoned in the man's arms. Her legs overlapped and made her extremely uncomfortable.

The next day when she woke up, the seat beside her had been empty for a long while, even the air was cold.

She propped herself up with one hand and sighed helplessly, after all, many things were out of her expectation.

He was fine before he went out yesterday. But when he came back at night, his face changed instantly. Something must be wrong.

But she still couldn't figure out what went wrong.

She didn't think too much. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she packed up her things and drove to the villa of the Xia Clan.

Her sister really wanted to see her. Every day, she would call to greet her, but she wouldn't f

eople's hearts can't be retouched with several Photoshop software." She drove without looking sideways and muttered, "I really feel sorry for Adriana now."

Now she was the apple of his eye, and she would take others' words as alarmist warnings. Blind people are the most terrible.

"It's hard to make sure whether they are really in love." While carrying the gift bags, Consuela still couldn't believe what she just heard.

"You just wait and see. I have an intuition that I can't be wrong." The monitor grinned meaningfully while driving.

Shrugging her shoulders, Consuela didn't say a word either. The best thing about this kind of thing was to make the ordinary entertainment realize it themselves.

When the car stopped at the gate of the Xia Clan's villa, Consuela unfastened the seat belt and asked, "Do you want to go in and have a rest?"

The woman on the driver's seat acted coquettishly, tucking her long hair behind her ear, and said with her lips slightly lifted, "No, I have to go back for a blind date."

Holding the things in her hands, Consuela got out of the car and said in a casual voice, "Okay. I hope you can get him easily."

Suddenly, Stacy Ye looked down at her bulging belly. Even the large cotton padded jacket couldn't cover her belly. She gave a loud whistle and asked, "when are you going to hold a wedding?"

Last time, she was attracted by that man's face, but he didn't go home with her, which made her a bad impression on him.

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