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   Chapter 85 Stay With Your Wife (3)

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Consuela was confused by the man's passionate gaze. Before she could breathe, she tried her best to push him away.

Richie raised his head and saw her. She was so cute that he wanted to step forward.

He raised his eyebrows to spare some time for Consuela to breathe before he asked with a smile, "What's wrong?"

The rabbit had totally evolved into a wild cat. She knew how to show her claws.

This was not a good sign.

It would only make her become more uncontrollable.

"What on earth do you want to do?" Consuela took a deep breath and managed to raise her head. Her whole body was stiff as she met that man's intimidating gaze.

She had never seen through him.

In her eyes, even when he pretended to be naive or as usual, he had always been exceptionally mysterious.

The man smiled and looked at her with a tinge of smile in his deep black eyes. "I'm giving you a punishment. Who let you be indifferent to my terrible situation yesterday?"

He calmly explained what he had done just now as a punishment.

Thinking of the punishments he had mentioned yesterday, Consuela blushed and her heart skipped a beat?

'Is this man crazy or having a brain problem?'

Looking at the man's eyes reflecting her figure, she thought that maybe he was the latter, but it was more terrible.

Her face turned red and then pale. Richie knew that she had guessed what the punishment would be for his next step.

He bent over with a light smile and got closer to her. With a playful smile, he asked in a hoarse voice, "starting now?"

Consuela reached out her hand to push him away. Fluster was plain in her eyes.

"Don't do this. Don't you forget that I'm still pregnant?" She was pregnant and she couldn't bear such a torment.

Hearing her words, Richie looked down and saw her slightly swollen belly. His eyes glimmered.

His smile was as tender as the wolf of "Little Red Riding Hood", but his features were as delicate as an angel's.

He kissed the forehead of Consuela to comfort her. "Don't panic. The doctor said that after the first three

elp feeling that something was silently standing at the bottom of her heart. Only if he put in tons of nutrients, it would grow up healthily.

Under the gaze of his eyes, she suddenly remembered her current state. After pausing, she whispered, "Can you bring me a suit of clothes?"

The man answered playfully, "speak louder. I didn't hear you clearly just now."

The smile on his face was still as bright as before, which made Consuela morose.

Not everyone could smile kindly or lovingly. He was a genuine good man.

After joking with her for a while, the woman was about to jump to her feet. At last, Richie took the clothes she wanted.

After she had driven the wicked man away, she got up and changed her clothes. But as she was about to get out of bed, she saw that her original clothes had been nicely completed, and lying on the ground, dejected. It made her heart ache to see that, She went downstairs to have dinner with him. In the living room, the man was watching stock on the tablet while she turned on the TV with a low voice.

Suddenly, he patted the seat beside him and said, "Come and sit here."

At this moment, Consuela was sitting on the other side of him. When she heard him, she was on her guard and said, "No, thanks. It's very good here."

"What are you afraid of? I won't eat you up."


'Isn't that "eat"? That is "drink"?'

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