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   Chapter 84 Accompany Your Wife (2)

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Before she could say something, the man loosened his hands and turned around.

The sudden turn of the event surprised Consuela. She turned her body around and stared at the man, who was lying on the bed, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Are you suffering from intermittent disease again?" Consuela asked.

Richie looked at the ceiling, but from the corner of his eyes, he stole a glance at her. He asked coldly, "You want to see me get scolded, don't you? Do you really want to leave?"

"Will you?" She blinked her eyes, not knowing whether she expected it or regretted it.

"I just said it. Do you really want to take it seriously?" His voice was as cold as ice.

She didn't know why she had offended him again. She could tell from his furrowed eyebrows that he was furious.

But good-looking people had a law, whether they were eating shit or frowning, they were still good-looking, but the impact on people was always not very good.

With a smile, Consuela raised her hand to shake off the man's hand which was scratched by the knife again. "I didn't know you're so childish," she said sarcastically.

Her words were stuck between his lips. She was so shocked that she swallowed her words.

The man's light fragrance came to her. She opened her eyes wide and did not know whether to refuse or accept it at ease. She heard a sneer.

"Now you know it."

She knew he was being childish?

Consuela nodded her head heavily, just like a rattle drum. She had thought that the man would stop after hearing her words, but right then, she felt the soft and greasy tongue go in.

At that moment, she was stiff and could not do anything else.

"It's too late," the man's vague voice came through the ear.

Consuela felt like weeping but had no tears. If she had known this, she would have let this insidious man be in a trance.

The kiss stopped. The man was content. He lay next to her and looked at her with a smile.

"If it's not in the hospital, I can do sex with you right here." Her voice was low and husky.

Shocked by his behavior, she

Consuela said, "stop bragging."

Not to mention that man, he would never say such words, and Cassie would not be pissed off by this thing.

With a calm look on his face, Richie scolded, "You're jealous again. I wonder if you are an evil spirit of old vinegar, too sour."

"You think too much."

"Are you trying to hide your true feeling, Consuela?"

The woman forehead helplessly. Mr. Richie had degenerated into a giant baby again, right?

When they got back to the villa, Emily was cleaning the house. Seeing that they were carrying some bags in their hands, she grabbed the bags at once.

She smiled and said, "Welcome home, Mr. and Mrs. Richie."


The sadness in her eyes were appeared. But she managed to hide it and said with a smile, "I miss you so much."

After a few greetings, she was pushed upstairs by the man, whose face was obviously excited.

As soon as she entered the new, clean room, she heard the door closing. With a smile, she said, "It's only been a week. I can't believe I'm such a homesick woman."

She really didn't want to be nostalgic.

The man did not answer her. When she wanted to turn around and ask him, she was suddenly pushed to the door and her lips were captured by him.

His kiss was not gentle at all. It was like an impatient beast that killed its prey at a stroke.

There was no so-called equality.

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