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   Chapter 83 Stay With Your Wife (1)

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With a bitter smile, he closed the door. "Mom, why are you here?" Richie asked.

His mother ran her fingers through her messy hair near her ears, squinted at him and asked in a blaming tone, "You know you are going to the hospital?"

How could he be so reckless and leave his newly married wife in the hospital for three days.

Luckily, Consuela had a good temper. Otherwise, such as her temper, she would cry as if being performed a domestic violence.

"Mom, what are you talking about? Something happened in the company recently. I didn't leave on purpose." He smiled innocently and lovingly.

But it made her feel a little unbearable.

"It's not a big deal. Can't you just let it go now? You are a patient yourself. How could you leave your pregnant wife alone in the hospital? "

She took a deep breath and said, "I have a bad temper. I really don't want to talk about you."

The man was a bit helpless. Didn't she finish all this?

Consuela brought a glass of water for her. She smiled at the angry woman and said, "Mom, don't be angry. Have some water first."

She didn't even look at the man, but the woman who was revenging on him.

Looking at her sensible daughter-in-law, Wendy's mood was slightly calmed down. She really liked her.

Glancing at the man standing by the door, she frowned again.

Her son was lucky to marry such a considerate daughter-in-law.

After the woman drank the water, Consuela walked to the bedside table and picked up a bunch of flowers, about to find a place to insert them into the glass.

"Why don't you answer my question? You think you have done the worst, don't you?" Wendy looked at the man and asked in a low voice.

Richie didn't know what to say. He didn't answer her question because he was trapped in it.

He could only shake his head and kept silent.

Looking up at the woman who was pretending to be busy with flowers in her hands, he felt extremely frustrated that she had not received any response at all.

All he could do was to accept his mother's education. Lowering his

loud as he heard her jealous accusation.

"What? Are you jealous?"

"I like spicy food," she retorted

The more she tried to hide, the louder he laughed. His face darkened.

This man had no idea what a tender man he was.

After a while, he explained, "the business in the company is a bit tricky, so I took three days off. I came here as soon as I finished it."

But his credibility had been ruined.

Consuela answered calmly. She pretended to lie on the bed, not wanting to talk to him anymore.

Richie originally molested her with very pure mind, but when he approached her, his mind suddenly became unfocused.

Her body was really fragrant, not light mint, but another strong fragrance.

He took a deep breath and smiled flirtatiously. His eyes were thick with desire, and he was no longer as indifferent as usual. "You smell good."

Not knowing why, Consuela blushed and said in a daze, "I've changed a different shower gel. It smells good. Do you want to take a shower first?"

She had completely forgotten what she swore in the bottom of her heart that she would not talk to this man anymore.

Richie was amused by her reaction. He tightened his grip and said, "you're so cute."

He wanted to swallow her in this way without leaving any bone.

Consuela didn't say anything in response. Such a frivolous tone didn't sound like praise.

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