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   Chapter 82 Business World Was Like A Battlefield (2)

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Three days later, the front line received the goods and materials. A high-level officer immediately thanked Richie on the phone.

"Thank you so much for your goods and materials. On behalf of all the soldiers, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to you," the man said in a sonorous voice.

"You are welcome. It's what I should do." There was a hint of smile in his voice.

They talked for a while, and then Richie asked about the local condition as usual.

"I don't know..." suddenly, he asked in a very obscure way.

The speech was interrupted directly, and the sound of someone patting on the chest could be heard through the microphone. "Don't worry, I understand."

The phone was hung up forcefully due to the time limit. Richie squinted his eyes and showed the most satisfied smile in the past few days.

Now it was time to see Becker, the "good" friend in prison.

After the lawsuit, there was only an empty shell of the Wang Group left, and it was then found that internal funds had been transferred maliciously, and many loan companies came to visit him.

Because of the huge loophole in the funds, Becker was locked up in prison, and also for several cases before.

He had done so many things, but it was all in vain.

He had been in prison for a few days to reflect on what he had become. He didn't know what it looked like, but he knew it wouldn't be good.

Which made him adapt to the change from being high spirited and vigorous to being imprisoned overnight. And he would definitely be extremely sad and happy.

Richie drove himself to the police station where Becker was imprisoned. After he got through to the police, he directly went in to see Becker without his permission.

The man was dressed in an orange prison suit. He huddled himself up on the edge of the bed and his eyes were as dull as seeing through the vanity of life.

He was really a pretentious man.

Just then, the prison door was knocked by a new policeman, and the chains made a long, crisp sound. "Becker has a visitor."

He turned around and saw the man in a black overcoat. Then h

using all his efforts to depreciate herself and elevate the other, which was the rule for the weak in negotiation.

"Where is the agreement now?"

"It's in the place where I live, but it's blocked now."

The lawsuit ended with only underwear left. The company and villa were sold up.

Richie nodded slightly and was about to go out. Becker was anxious when he didn't hear what he wanted to say. "Richie, you can't eat your words."

The man seemed to smile and said lightly, "don't worry. I'll let you out after staying a little longer in the room."

It was none of his business how to save him.

He fished his mobile phone out of his pocket and made a call to Tim, briefing him about that thing and asking him to go to the villa to get it.

He was about to drive himself to the hospital. Since that accident, he had never been back to the hospital. The cuts were a little painful because of the slackness.

Thinking of Consuela's face, Richie couldn't help but chuckle. He was really enchanted by her.

He wondered whether she had missed him these days.

He looked for a few times on the phone, but there was no missed call or sweet messages.

She didn't care about others at all.

After he parked his car and rushed to the ward, looking forward to seeing his little wife. When he pushed the door open, he saw Wendy sitting on the bed.

She looked at him with a faint smile.

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