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   Chapter 81 Business World Was Like A Battlefield (1)

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As soon as the news of the cooperation collapse came out, Wang Group was sued at a high speed, and Zed, a lawyer with a trump card from Sruthan Group, went to court in person.

There were rumors about it everywhere. A variety of people came up to spread the secrets about Wang Group, and a lot of unspeakable dark information.

Anyone with a discerning eye would know that this was the company which was dominated by the commercial tycoon suppressed the standing medicine, but couldn't afford to make any comments.

A message from Tim said that Li Clan had some different opinions on the videos and the monitors.

The only thing he could think of was to stay out of trouble and fool him around.

"Let's see what they want to do first." The man answered, his voice cold and making it hard to say no.

Tim frowned and replied. He was going to join the party, "Yes, boss."

After the call, Richie looked at the copied report on the table and frowned.

Wang Group had pulled his teeth out of anger and they were looking for death. In the past, they had done a lot of stupid things to offer money to others, but now they ruined their company, And a mysterious person who suddenly appeared at the customs and said to raise the price. Who was the person? Did he want to fight against Sruthan Group, or just wanted that batch of materials?

There was no information on this mysterious person. So mysterious as if it was their illusion. There was no such a person at all.

Moreover, there was a faint sense of unease in the face of Richie. That was just the right way and right time to show up., and even asked for a high price for it. This made the cunning foxes of Wang Group obsessed with it.

It didn't seem like a coincidence. Those missing medicine had been stored in the customs, and no one had taken them away.

Richie squinted his eyes and read the report a few times. He began to be extremely curious about the identity of that person.

His mobile phone on the desk suddenly rang, and the caller was Becker. Richie glanced at it and laughed.

Now the old man must be seized with remorse because of Zed's complaint.

Sure enough, as

and they had bad intentions.

That night, the warehouse Wang Group used to store pills was set on fire. In the severe winter, the fire was set off in an odd way.

Countless medicines were all burnt into ashes, and there was no way to estimate the loss of money. People only knew that the loss was huge.

Over one night, the stock of Wang Group fell to the limit, and some people were selling their shares viciously. The financial department was exposed to the public and it was close to an empty loss. All the senior executives of Wang Group were anxious.

Reading the newspapers, Becker gritted his teeth and wanted to light a cigarette, but his hand was shaking. He could not let the blue flame burn the long cigarette.

In the end, he was so angry that he threw all the things on the sofa. His eyes were empty and dull.

His son had just been rescued, and all his good luck had been taken away by God. His company was in imminent danger.

Zed personally conducted the case and charged him with all the crimes. He would soon be proved guilty once the court made the decision.

Suddenly, he touched his phone on the sofa and thought of the mysterious person who had cooperated with him not long ago.

Suddenly, his eyes glittered with a faint green light, as if he was holding on to the last life-saving straw. His heart sank to the bottom of the valley with a busy tone.

He couldn't connect the mysterious person.

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